Why Poker Game Is Trending In India In 2022:

Poker game is a type of card game and card games have been in India for over centuries now. The card games are the main thing in each of the Indian households since the old ages card games have been one of the most available games that each and everyone loves to play.

The card games can be for both adults and children also they also vary from a simple game to a game with lots of sets of rules they go about the variety that requires pure luck to win or a game that requires pure skills to win it due to its various applications and its variety and availability of the game or different games available for each of the generation the card games are loved in Indian household.

It provides a thrilling experience if you bet money or chips on it. It is a great recreational thing for both adults and children. Card games have always been a trend in India and that’s why India Online Poker Championship.

Poker is a kind of card game where the players are allowed to put on bets in the form of using chips as the form of money. It is a very interesting game and lots of adults love to participate In this game. Poker can be played without betting or also by mandatory bet placing depending upon the type of game you’ll like according to your comfort.

We all know that in amidst of covid-19 we all were on lockdown and were locked in our own houses without not having so much to do or to have a good recreational thing,  each and everyone also was separated with their friends and so it became a trend to play online multiplayer games with your family and friends.

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So everyone showed a keen interest in online games and also now most of the people of India are digitally connected. In mid of all this many of the gaming companies started releasing online poker and it was accepted by most people as card games are one of the most authentic games that have been played over for centuries now can be played by staying at home via online mode it allowed the people to once again connect with their family and friends.

For most adults, online poker worked like a treat because according to the government act poker was considered illegal but making it available online just does the job. With being online anyone in India can play poker with friends the online availability of poker games paved a new way for the players who have a keen interest in poker.

Also In 2022, there is a national poker series being held so it greatly favors the enthusiasts to take part in the competition. This online competition paves a new way to earn money for many people.

The growth of poker is around 35-40 % now making it become one of the most popular sectors of India. Also as poker works like a gamble game, approximately 80% of the local population of India participates in gambling. These are the reasons why poker is trending in India in 2022.

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