“I stopped having feelings. I existed.”

"I stopped having feelings. I existed."
  • The provocative period of epidemic controls affects young people and adolescents, who are affected by measures such as curfew. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Long duration of pandemic Still heavy For everyone. Having been infected with the virus for more than a year, young people are one of the most limited areas of their social life. This limitation – not being able to go out with friends, not being able to enjoy nightlife or even sharing desks in high school or university – made teen killers less likely. Crashing In some cases, they moved toward the goal Prolonged anxiety attacks, Depression Y Eating Disorders.

Not being able to go out with friends has made many people a little less so

Although changes are common, many have problems adapting to this new environment. Testimony of Gemma P., 22, is studying at Barcelona Tarragona, Is an example of intending to live with unwanted situations like pandemic. “I stopped myself a little. The truth is that I always like to be alone, but this situation created me Closing too much Stop socializing with me, To separate my friends, University & mldr; & rdquor ;, describes the young woman. Despite the fact that he had no problems at home with his parents while in prison, his mood worsened when he arrived at Barcelona, ​​especially November. “The month before Christmas was very difficult because I stopped having feelings, I felt nothing, good or bad. I was present, and I had a hard time thinking or doing anything, including getting out of bed. I did not answer or speak to anyone& rdquor ;, the student continues.

Although Gemma knew little that she had one Depression or depressionShe talked on the phone to a friend and realized she needed help until she started crying. However, after two months of skepticism, he decided to take action in February To a consultation. “They did some testing, they told me Depression and anxiety, I do not know, but it really calmed me down, because a professional tells you what you have, nothing happens Enough calm& rdquor ;, explains. She will soon start sessions with a psychologist, but she is still experiencing it Consequences of discouragement, Like the fear of going out for a walk. “Now it creates me Lots of anxiety thinking about going out Or go through the subway, there are a lot of people. I have developed a fear of people, I think. Also, since I’ve been home most days, I don & # 39; t get dressed & rdquor ;, the young woman concludes.

Some studies suggest that the majority of families, More than 70%, Noticed that the children experienced changes and difficulties in their emotions, especially in prison. “Somehow we have to learn to be bad and live with some discomfort.” Adding the coordinator. An increase in the number of disabilities in children is widespread, and although there has been a significant increase in demand, this increase is especially difficult for pediatricians and family physicians to access at the onset of pandemic. “Obviously, our health system is not ready to respond adequately to the psychological distress caused by a situation like this, and this is starting to get noticed,” Baleske said.

Curfew, the most affected restriction

Given the increase in the number of cases, one of the restrictions is due to the increased insecurity and complaints from the citizens of Catalonia. Curfew. the same Ramentol Last Monday, El Supplemento de Catalonia commented on the radio, “Curfew is an effective measure, but it affects the population emotionally & rdquor ;. Thus, one area where social life is most prevalent at night is young people. Caterina Goal, Since Menorca Who works and studies Barcelona, Explains what this restriction means to your social life. “When you meet people, it’s disturbing because you think you have to plan everything to stay the night and get dressed the next day. In the end, you think it’s not worth meeting anyone, because we can not go anywhere. & Rdquor ;, he continues.

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Like many other young people, they blame her for being home all day. Telecommuting and online classes. “It simply came to our notice then. You get up to go to the desk, and there are about eight, ten or twelve hours. When you finally finish and say 7pm, what do I do now? I can not see anyone My head would explode & rdquor ;, he explains. In this difficult situation, Goal feels he is more discouraged. “Recently I feel more degraded, losing the excitement of being locked up in a regular home,” he said. Reluctance, stress, and more anxiety Due to the current uncertainty & rdquor ;, ends.

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