Mainetti: Sorgente Sgr abnormal rule closed

Mainetti: Sorgente Sgr abnormal rule closed

“Bank of Italy announces extraordinary governance of Sorgente SGR – after selling a business unit containing 17 real estate funds to Castello Sgr – Sorgente Group rejoins Italia. .

Nicola de Foggia, a Chartered Accountant with long experience in the commercial, tax and corporate sectors, is the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Andrea Musso is an experienced manager and director of various banks in real estate investment management since 1997. In addition, he holds positions on asset management companies, as well as on the Board of Directors Elizabeth Magini, President of ANCE Roma Giovanni, and other important Italian companies, both public and private. The Board of Statutory Auditors is chaired by Professor Galdino Acrogliano.

Walter Minnety, President of the Sorgen Group Foundation
“According to the Monitorimmobiliare, the Sorgente Group, founded by Valter Mainetti – has historically focused on the areas of finance, real estate, renovation, infrastructure and publishing – reorganizing its areas of operation with a focus on clean energy and energy efficiency,” Cannone added.

In the field of alternative investments such as energy and the circular economy, the Group has already launched a series of over 500 ventures in the United States, Canada, Sorgente Asset Management and Sorgente SEIN (see in Italy. Million euros. The Group’s new strategy will be based on its Irish investment management platform, Sorgen’s Global Investments (see VPUIT) and is active in real estate as an Irish Joint Investment Company (ICAV).

The leverage set up by ICAV will be used by the Group in reference to foreign investors. Sorgente has years of experience as an asset manager at United States, where he will manage a growing portfolio of iconic properties through a dedicated fund that will be created in conjunction with US partners by a larger fund, according to rumors circulating in financial circles. $ 1 billion, with the aim of combining the unique features of properties with strong historical and artistic value with opportunities offered by the latest technologies.

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“Polimnia – Maurizio Cannone concludes that, thanks to its structured agreement with Castello Sgr, it will replace more than 20 real estate fund properties, facilities and project management services valued at more than ബ 1 billion. Private condominiums valued at over 300 300 million will be executed under the% superbonus.

The activities of the Sorgen Group Foundation are a treasure trove of masterpieces coveted and curated by Walter and Paulo Minetti, as well as symbolizing the integration of culture and business.

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