Hungarian PM Orban backs kneeling fans as Irish coach criticizes “incomprehensible” reaction (video)

Hungarian PM Orban backs kneeling fans as Irish coach criticizes "incomprehensible" reaction (video)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that Irish players, who started in slave – owned countries, provoked fans in Budapest – but said visiting Prime Minister Stephen Kenny Bose was “incomprehensible”.

More controversy erupted over players kneeling at the Frank Sosa Stadium on Tuesday night as the Hungarian national team erupted in applause as opponents gestured in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign, receiving bulls and whistles from some. From the crowd.

Days after a political controversy erupted after a similar reaction to England’s knee, Urban, a former professional player and a leader known for his love of the game, has made it clear why he sympathizes with the exploitation of fans and understands the reasons. Take the position.

The Prime Minister has long argued: “If you look at how it has changed, you can see that it started in slave countries. For countries that do not have, we can not help ”.

“It doesn’t help to carry this historic moral burden on the football field, it doesn’t free them from it, they have to face it at home.

“If you are a guest in a country, you understand its culture. Do not irritate the locals, do not irritate the guest if you visit as a guest.

“We can not explain this feature in any other way, it is something we can not understand from our culture, it is provocative.

“When provoked, fans react as they usually do, they don’t always choose the most beautiful way, but we need to understand why.

The Hungarian Football Association has announced that the team will not be kneeling in the tournament, which starts on Friday as part of the vision “The core values ​​of the sport are equal opportunities and respect for teammates and opponents.”

“Football has become the most popular sport in the world because it belongs to everyone.” He said his long campaign against racism was in compliance with the rules of the European Football Association and FIFA and that no reasonable policies should be allowed on the pitch or in stadiums.

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“The Hungarian national team not only abides by international rules and standards in all cases, but also respects everyone, whether rival, fan or anyone else.”

With England manager Gareth Southgate, Champions League winner Rio Ferdinand and a number of long-time critics backing him, football giants have confirmed in recent days that the gesture was designed only to combat racism.

“It’s really incomprehensible that he was comforted.” Ireland manager Stephen Kenny said Hungary’s last preliminary match before the Euro 2020 campaign ended in a goalless draw.

“It simply came to our notice then [partly taking place] In Hungary.

“This is disappointing and does not reflect Hungary and Hungarian support well. It does not reflect well.

“Our players wanted to do that. This is important. This is an important position and I commend them for accepting that position.

“I think this is the right decision. I approached [the Football Association of Ireland’s international operations manager] This is something we want to do, Barry Gleeson said, and he knelt down – I think that’s a very important message. “

Adam Ida, an Irish striker at Norwich, an English Premier League club “Disappointing” That’s it “Full Stadium” Whistled.

“In good faith, in an effort to prevent racism”, He added. “This is a sign that racism has been expelled from society, and the response has been very disappointing, obviously. We did not expect that. ”

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Former Manchester United captain Ferdinand: Kneeling has nothing to do with politics, no good reason to whistle

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