The voting opened and Liz Truss was given as the favorite

The voting opened and Liz Truss was given as the favorite

The race for Downing Street intensifies. Members of Britain’s Conservative Party began voting on Monday to choose their new leader to succeed Boris Johnson.

But after a very open start to the campaign and a series of votes reserved only for party MPs to choose the two finalists, the suspense seems to be over. The favorite candidate of the majority of MPs, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, 42, praised for his work during the Covid-19 pandemic, is less popular among the party base to head the next government.

The lis truss harvests the waist supports

Liz Truss, 47, who promises massive tax cuts, is seeing rallies abound, with favorable polls after her first televised duels pitting her against Rishi Sunak. Former candidate Penny Mordont, who came third in the race for Downing Street after a vote by MPs, was released on the occasion of the launch of the grand oral with the two candidates organized in Exeter (South-West) on Monday. Her reserve to support the diplomatic chief.

Earlier, current Finance Minister Nadeem Zahavi announced in favor of LIS TRS. Daily Telegraph She will “overturn worn-out economic orthodoxy and steer our economy in a conservative manner”. Among her supporters are the diplomatic chief, Brandon Lewis, the former minister in charge of Northern Ireland, the failed candidate for party leader Tom Tugendat and defense minister Ben Wallace.

If she seems to be ahead by a large margin, “the race is very, very tight and I’m fighting for every sound”, assured Liz Truss this weekend. Although she seemed stiff and uncomfortable during some of the debates in the early stages of the competition, she again looked more relaxed and confident.

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On his part, Rishi Sunak has a string of disappointments. A darling of the times, some Tories have accused the prime minister of “stabbing in the back” and resigned in early July after months of scandals that led to the downfall of Boris Johnson.

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