How to remove “online” and “last time” so that no one can see you online – teach me about science

How to remove "online" and "last time" so that no one can see you online - teach me about science
Disable “Online” and “Last Seen” time.

People have been asking for more privacy and WhatsApp has provided it. A number of recent features have come to the world’s most popular messaging app, including turning off “Online” and “Last Seen” times so no one can see if you’re online. Read on to learn how to activate this feature!

a Previous article We talked about this new privacy feature, which was in test back then, but only a few lucky people who were part of the beta program could use it. Now it’s available to everyone! So without further ado let’s explain How to Disable “Online” and “Last Seen” Time

  • tab ChatsTap on the 3 dots on the top right More options > Settings
  • Press and open Settings > «Settings”.
  • talk to you privacy (Block contacts, temporary messages).
  • Once inside > «privacy”.
  • Find and enter where it says > «Last hour once online.
  • Finally, in part “Who can see the last of me. Time” Select in «no one” and “Who can see when I’m online? brand”Same time as last hour”.
  • If you have not yet been able to activate the function, please check Pictures Below to guide you.
(Image: Teach Me About Science).
(Image: Teach Me About Science).

As we mentioned in the beginning, this is just one of the many privacy features that have come to WhatsApp, the one that users prefer and expect is the “Screenshot Lock”. WhatsApp is rolling out blocking screenshots for one-time viewing of images and videos available to some beta testers. We clarify that the new version is in test mode and only applies to images and videos for one-time viewing, but it will be rolled out to the public soon. WhatsApp contributors explain that they are still working to improve the detection of attempts to take screenshots silently, and that there may be more improvements in the future. Give and read the entire article Click here.

Are you interested in learning how to become a beta user and test the features early? To do this you can visit our previous article: we explain it step by step: How to download the beta version of WhatsApp and get new features before anyone else

Although WhatsApp offers many security and privacy features, bad guys still look for loopholes, so it is also important to protect our WhatsApp account. We recommend activating two-step verification that allows you to protect your account. As long as you keep two-step verification active, even if someone steals the 6-digit PIN, they won’t be able to access your account because they’ll lose the second PIN you’ve configured for double verification. To activate it, follow these steps:

  1. tab ChatsTap on the 3 dots on the top right More options > Settings
  2. press Bill > Two-step test
  3. Activate Enter a code and email of your choice.

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