Education declares the exceptions of philosophy and logic to high school integration students

التعليم تعلن محذوفات مادة الفلسفة والمنطق لطلاب الدمج بالثانوية العامة

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced in a letter the exceptions on the subject of philosophy and logic. For high school In schools that integrated students in the third year of secondary school this academic year.

The Ministry explained the fallout as follows:

– First topic: Philosophical and environmental issues, including pg.4, linguistic and linguistic meaning only, page 7 completely eliminated, page 13, only eight principles of deep ecology, page 14, page 15 completely, and second topic “Philosophy of philosophy of biological and medical.2. Only the philosophical nature of biotic thinking, and page 24, page 25, page 26 in full and page 29, page 30 and page 31 in full.

The Ministry clarified: “Philosophy and professional ethics, and page 33, from the first team to the end of the page, second group, page 34, page 35 completely, page 39 excluding seventh professional duty, and page number 43 excluding only Adam Smith, subject four: philosophy and values. Its relation, and the third philosophical relation with values ​​to the end of page 48, begins with the most important verses on page 52, and philosophers and thinkers only up to the literal meaning of freedom, which embodies the value of freedom.

With regard to lessons excluded from logic for the third year of secondary school in schools:

– First topic: Inductive reasoning and its application in natural sciences) Page 57 Completely, page 58, second deduction, induction, and conventional thought from the end of the page, and page 59 from the third, deductive arguments in traditional and contemporary interpretation, all removed from pages 60-66. , And pages 74, 75 and 76 exclude examples only of methods of verifying the validity of assumptions, the second subject being the meaning of the deduction and its application in formal science) p.

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Fourth topic: Logic and Communication Technology, page 98.99, fourth, computer-only logic, page 101. The role of logic in representing knowledge only.

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