Bangladesh’s first nano-satellite ‘BRAC Exploration’ in space

Bangladesh's first nano-satellite 'BRAC Exploration' in space

The country’s first nano-satellite “BRAC Exploration” was launched into orbit from the Kennedy Space Center in the United States today. The space station was launched into space at 3 am today, Bangladesh time.

Abdullah Hill Kafi, Rihanna Shams Islam Antra and Maisun Ibn Monwar, three students from BRAC University in Bangladesh, built the Nano satellite at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

Mohammed Mosammal Haque Sourav, head of BRAC University’s first ground station team, told the Daily Star that the Nano satellite was sent to the International Space Station via SpaceX’s Falcon Nine rocket.

He indicated that the satellite would soon be in orbit.

On June 2, Space and NASA decided to send the CRS 11 mission into space, but it was not possible due to bad weather.

Earlier on May 25, BRAC University Founder and its Chairperson Sir Fazil Hassan Abed inaugurated the BRAC Anbasher Ground Station at the Mohakhali Branch of the University.

The “BRAC Exploration”, which is one kilogram and 10 centimeters in size, will be placed in orbit at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth. It orbits the earth every 90 minutes. Bangladesh receives four to six satellites a day.

The satellite will be used primarily for research. It can predict disasters and send high quality images.

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