Hunted: Vincent Parona ud’s horror film is on the verge

Hunted: Vincent Parona ud's horror film is on the verge

The Franco-Belgian-Irish survival horror film, directed by Vincent Parona udd, is available to stream on Haunted and Shudder.


Once upon a time, a woman (Lucy Debe) meets a man (Arya Vorthalter). The woman dances with the man. The man kisses the woman. The man forces the woman. The woman runs away from the man. Man Hunting Woman. There is nothing new in this story! Yet the story of “revenge” is repeated a thousand times. The codes were altered and reborn. Psycho-Wolf Big Bad, the incarnation of patriarchy, and his idiot Acolyte go on a brutal hunt, but in Mother Nature’s Conservation Tree Lab, Little Red Riding Hood, as a warrior, killer techniques are not so easily subdued.

Hunted It is a hybrid work of art, a survival film with hints of a snuff potentially a social drama in the body of a classic horror film. From an ancient folktale of shadows and lights told in a campfire ritual, to the current circus of dissent, this crazy story depicts a society at war, stereotypical male-female relationships. , Transformed into outraged savages with loud barbaric cries. Vincent Paronaud (co-director of Persepolis, Cannes Jury Prize, Oscar nominee) Parona udd is a watchman; With him, the moral hypocrisy of “good against evil” has no place. In his first solo feature film, he wears a humanistic myth full of symbolism.


The film is directed by Vincent Paronad and co-written by Leah Pernolet and stars UC Debe, Sierra O’Brien and Ari Worthalter.

Hunted N Streaming VF Sir Shudder:

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