Bingo did not originate in the UK, yet it was ingrained in the culture, proving the profound love for the game. This love did not stop with the 21st century and has instead held firm. Nowadays, the older and younger generations enjoy playing it on online bingo sites, reveling in its convenience and accessibility. But are these the only attributes contributing to bingo’s growth, or is there more to it? We find out.

Why People Love Bingo

We can start with the obvious – bingo has huge payouts. People have won hundreds of thousands of dollars from single games. And, of course, this lucrativeness attracts many players. But that’s not all there is to it. There are other factors behind this overwhelming love, including:

a. It’s Easy

You might understand why people enjoy bingo so much if you’ve played other games. This game depends on pure luck and, as such, has the following benefits:

  • Players only need to master the typical rules. They mark the numbers they think will win and cross them out as the caller calls out the winning numbers. Doing so is easy for anyone, regardless of age or expertise. Even children can get the hang of the game, and for most people, this simplicity is a huge perk.
  • Given that the game depends on luck, players do not need to spend time devising strategies. Over the years, many people have tried strategizing on which numbers will win. But thanks to the random nature of the winning number selection, none of these strategies work. So, players do not need to bother themselves with choosing specific numbers – they go with the flow.

Also, everyone has a fair chance of winning. Unlike other games where experts have higher winning chances, anyone in the bingo hall can be the winner. Who would turn down such a game?

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b. It’s Full of Surprises

We’ve already stated that bingo is a game of chance rather than skill. So, anything can happen. And with that comes the following perks:

  • Players enjoy a rush of adrenaline whenever they cross out the numbers. They know they have no control over the outcome. It’s akin to bungee jumping, where you take a leap of faith. Some people even play it with this effect in mind – they want to feel their hearts pumping and almost leaping out of their ribcages.
  • Players experience a rush of dopamine whenever their selected numbers win. As the caller moves from one number to the other, the players whose numbers win experience a feel-good effect, much like what one experiences after eating ice cream on a hot day. This sensation is enough to quell negative thoughts and allows players to focus on the good. No wonder scientists keep encouraging people to play games – they have an overall positive effect.

Some players enjoy these sensations so much that they couple them with superstitious beliefs. Some show up to the halls dressed in red, others carry good luck charms, while others will not speak until the caller finishes calling the numbers. These actions go a long way in heightening the sensations for those who hold these beliefs and the other players in the halls.

c. It’s Inclusive

When bingo first became popular, the notion was that it was best for older adults. After all, most of them had retired and had a lot of time to spare. Bingo was a fun way to kill this time and positively impacted their lives. Over time, it became increasingly clear that bingo was not just a game for retirees. Instead, anyone could enjoy it.

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So, millennials and gen Zs soon took up the game, eager to experience the adrenaline and dopamine effects. But they were not the only ones who enjoyed the game – children did too! While gambling is often prohibited for people under 18 years, you can still play family-friendly bingo. Such a game can center on non-monetary items. For example, the winner can forego doing chores for a day!

The game is easy to master for all ages. And with gender and age stereotypes out of the way, bingo welcomes everyone!

d. It’s Social

Many games require players to focus so much on their strategies that interaction becomes challenging. After all, how can you take your eyes off a sure win to ask your neighbor about their day?

But bingo has a different approach. The setting is casual; you can sit with a friend, enjoy talking to each other, and even share a meal. And all this while, you can mark your card and listen to the caller as they call out the winning numbers. This interaction is one of the main reasons bingo is so popular.

Human nature craves interaction, and bingo solves this need. Even online games feature interaction via live chats, online forums, and social media platforms. And it’s only a matter of time before virtual reality allows players to interact using avatars.

Bingo is also beneficial for cognitive development of people of all ages. As you cross the numbers and follow the caller, you develop your memory and reasoning skills. And while that might not sound like fun, you barely notice as you do it, and this development paves the way for a better quality of life in your old age.

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