Predictions for Non GamStop Bettor: Free or Tipster Pro?

You will find predictions everywhere on the web and practically on all disciplines and events all over the world. Non GamStop betting, if you think about it, has been a natural thing for man since the dawn of time. To bet, it is simply determining that one option is more advantageous than the other. Betting is just the bet you put in it. Between two paths to choose from, you bet that one is the right one. If it’s a matter of life or death, the bet is your own life.

Betting is simply making a choice. Betting at a non GamStop bookmaker is simply betting on the fact that your choice is better than that of the bookmaker. And as in life, you will have tipsters around you. After a short topo on turnkey predictions, we will see how to make good predictions.

It’s like poker, it is not because you have the good hand that you will win. You may have thought of the perfect prediction for a meeting, but it will not necessarily be a winner. Yet your approach was the right one.

Non GamStop Betting: Turnkey & Free Predictions

You know the expression “the advisers are not the players’ ‘? Well, it’s exactly the same for predictions. The first thing is never to have blind faith in a forecast because it comes from a former glory in the discipline. This is the trend. You’re a fan of a sport so you’re supposed to follow the advice of your stars like children followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

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The bettor is neither a groupie nor a fanboy. In general, if the specialists were right, we would have neither unemployment nor an economic crisis. Well, it’s the same for predictions. In football, Inesta has never been a golden ball, Neymar was voted best player in L1. It’s true, however, that it’s easy to bet when you’re playing virtual. Betting your own money is a game-changer. Strangely, we become more cautious, we think a lot, sometimes too much.

The other advice is to never follow a bet that fell from the sky. You can’t follow a prediction without having already thought up a theory about a match and without understanding the arguments that lead to the prediction. You will find turnkey online predictions, but with only the bets to follow. It’s like being asked to jump over a wall with no visibility. There are those who will jump and those who will see what may well be behind. A good bettor will see what is behind the wall. Don’t foolishly follow these kinds of bets if you want to win your bets. These are often sites that work in “one shot” so that the visitor clicks on the banner and registers. A good prognosis must be demonstrated. This is the golden rule.

Pro “Tipser” Bettors

This is a more specific area. Professional bettors, that is to say that they are supposed to earn their living from non GamStop bookmakers, offer you their bets against remuneration. Basically, you subscribe to get the predictions of the guy in question. I must admit that I am more than doubtful on the question. You will find many offers on the web, including many tipsers from abroad. I’m not skeptical about the work, talent and expertise of some tipsters, but about the difficulty of finding the rare pearl. The service costs on average between 30 and 50 euros per month. Normally a pro tipster should save you at least €100 for a bankroll of €1000. This is where the bottom hurts. To play in the big leagues you have to know how to invest and take risks.

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A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Tipser Pro:

Check the Tipster History

  • The tipster must have at least 400 bets to his credit: For visibility to be linear, you must have a medium-term vision.
  • The ROI (return on investment): This is the ratio between the amount invested and the gains over the medium term. In general it is estimated that from 5%, it is a trusted tipster. As elsewhere, beware of ROIs that are too high.
  • The history must be verifiable. This is perhaps the most difficult to verify. Consult the forums, exchange with members, read the opinions to minimize the risk.

Check the Tipster Daily

Predictions must be available quickly and not arrive too early in the week. An injury can change the game. The evolutions of the coasts are also very important. A value bet can depend on very few things. The regularity of predictions is obviously essential. To choose a tipster, you have to be careful and take the time to check your source. They have favorite specialties, disciplines and championships. The main advantage is time saving. You have a pro working for you. And logically if your tipster holds the road, it is the assurance of increasing your ROI.

So, What to Choose?

In my opinion, a beginner must above all learn by himself. The advice of a pro tipster requires an average knowledge of the discipline, but also of the specificities of online betting. It is therefore necessary to be a seasoned player to make the most of his predictions. Free predictions are legion and we cannot say that they are worse than the others, but they must be followed with caution. They can be a wealth of information with history and statistics so that you can then make your predictions. The choice really depends on your vision of online betting. Making predictions is a pleasure because it is an extension of your passion. Use pro advice is to see non GamStop sports betting as a source of winnings.

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