The Steam Deck has an “optional built-in FPS limiter” for better battery life

The Steam Deck has an "optional built-in FPS limiter" for better battery life

When the valve and IGN Revealed last Thursday The new portable steam deck will target the 30Hz gameNot everyone was impressed by that low bar – but Valve Pierre-Loop Griffiths took to Twitter to express his true opinion and reveal the new feature of the handheld console.

First, he says that 30 fps is a bar lower than anything else:

Plugman 2 (Twitter)

“The goal of 30 FPS indicates that we believe we can play at our landmarks; We’ve met games that have been tried and shown, and so far this bar has been surpassed, “he writes.

In other words, Griffiths IGN said in this video interview “We can not throw anything that this device can not handle”, do not think that all modern games run at 60 fps. Expect less.

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