Dream Job: Become a Dream Tester for a Big Company!

Job de rêve : devenir testeur de rêve pour une grande entreprise !

Aldi stores offer a special product tester job. The latter will pay to try … beers.

Dream Job Alert. Aldi Brands offers to pay a beer tester. Drinkers, this is an opportunity to seize. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Dream jobs abound

Sometimes life offers some unique opportunities. Of course, some organizations offer exceptional jobs.

For example, an eligible employee has already been paid Watch Netflix for $29,000 annually. Indeed, Kraft Beds, a British company specializing in mattresses, posted an announcement:

« To ensure that we provide our customers with the best beds that provide quality sleep, We are hiring a mattress tester To join our team. Paid to sleep, a true dream job!

And there are all sorts. Others have been lucky enough to receive compensation See full The Simpsons. Yes, you read that right!

For this, the analyst had to take notes while watching the episodes. The mission lasted eight weeks Not one. You need to watch all 33 seasons of The Simpsons and the spin-off movie.

For this dream job, the lucky winner won £5,000 or €5,900. Also, he received a box of donuts every week to help him with his task. Good!

But a new dream job has just emerged. Of course, Aldi stores are looking for an employee to test the beers. MCE TV tells you more!

Dream Job: Become a Dream Tester for a Big Company!

Aldi is looking for beer testers

It’s an offer you can’t miss. After Ireland, Aldi stores in the UK are looking for a beer tester. They have also posted a notification regarding this.

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« From smooth craft beers to refreshing IPAs, The Official Beer Taster 10 products are available Different to Check », details of the offer. For this task, Aldi is looking for a specific profile.

“We are looking for someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about craft beer”First explains Julie Ashfield, GM of Purchasing Aldi. So, there should be no dearth of candidates for it.

“But who can honestly Please provide feedback and suggestions about our range about how to improve it for next year”, she added in the announcement. So it’s a real job!

Lucky indeed Receive, try and review selected beers. And registering is very simple. Send an email to: Aldibeertaster@clarioncomms.co.uk.

In this email, the candidate must provide their full name, proof of age (with a copy of passport or license), and an Instagram and/or Twitter account.

Also, the candidate should write A letter of 150 words To explain why he is the right employee for the position. He will have to mention his favorite beer and why. Apply till August 29.

The mission will begin on September 5. After that, tester-selected products will go on sale on September 15. So damn stress!

Only problem is, This job is unpaid. So it should be done in spare time or outside of actual work. But some will no doubt find what they’re looking for!

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