Changes in the Earth’s water cycle due to global warming may lead to further droughts, with the possibility of severe drought; Impact of the Earth’s water cycle on global warming:

Changes in the Earth's water cycle due to global warming may lead to further droughts, with the possibility of severe drought;  Impact of the Earth's water cycle on global warming:
Water circulation is a natural phenomenon. It is through this activity that plants release soil surface moisture into the air. Researchers who have been researching it for 17 years have tested the force of gravity. It was revealed that the water cycle was severely affected due to the rapid warming of the earth.

This study of the natural phenomenon of “evapotranspiration” revealed a 10% increase in global warming activity from 2003 to 2019. Studies of the water cycle between the oceans and continents have found the rapid course of this global warming.

Evapotranspiration is the amount of water lost in the air. One is the evaporation of water from rivers, ponds, canals, canals, wells and reservoirs on the earth’s surface, and the other is the loss of moisture from living things. This varies from country to country, affecting water circulation in tropical countries and causing severe drought.

The study was conducted by Pascaloni-Campbell and the results were published in the journal Nature.

The water cycle is about the moisture that comes out of the vapor when water evaporates in the sun. This is where the rain comes from. Earth is now likely to dry up as the water cycle affects global warming. Grass and garlic germination is also a problem. This will lead to further drought in some areas. This will challenge human survival.

As the amount of melting glaciers increased, so did the melting of glaciers in the polar regions, exacerbating the effects of global warming. In addition, major changes are taking place in the invisible earth’s water cycle. This study warns that the water that evaporates from the earth is gradually evolving until it rains again.

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Due to this evaporation, the study indicates that the groundwater table formed over several eras will begin to decline.

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