Around Lanion. The Irishman from Tregor, Emon praised the statue of St. Patrick

Around Lanion.  The Irishman from Tregor, Emon praised the statue of St. Patrick
Book of Blessings, Bowl of Water, Branch: Let’s begin the blessing of the statue of St. Patrick. © Isabella Philip

A year later, he still has that irresistible little accent. Bright blue eyes, beautiful long white beard, traditional Bretton hat. Eamon Harkin Always live happily Plubesre With his wife Lawrence in Kerowell, he worships Ez with such zealPatrick, Saint of the Irish, his birthplace.

“St. Patrick was a character”

Statue of saint made Amjad AlherkA friend of the couple, who is still sitting proudly in the garden, interviewed the family home.

“St. Patrick was a character. He had a character. He came to Ireland as a slave. He fought against paganism and brought Catholicism to Ireland in the fifth century. It is different from St. Yves’. It is more democratic.”

Eamon Harkin
A great moment for Eamon Hark
A great moment for Eamon Hark. © Isabella Philip

Calmness for home and surroundings

But on Tuesday, March 15, Emon had a fever. Needless to say, it was not a normal day. The day before leaving for his hometown of Cardonag to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, he was waiting for his arrival. Father Michael Levacher, The parish vicar of Lanion agreed to bless the sculpture. A character of Emon.

“In Ireland, blessing statues is a tradition. I am very emotional because a blessed statue brings serenity to a home and surroundings.

Amon’s request did not surprise the familiar priest Bless the houses Or before the entry of its owners Bless the statuesLike St. Uzbek Valley of the Saints.

The book of blessings, the vessel of water, the chilla, the blessing of the statue can begin
Book of Blessings, vessel of water, branch: Let the blessing of the statue begin. © Isabella Philip

“When you bless an object, through that object, that too is people, like those who are devout to St. Patrick, then there is a connection between the Bretons and the Irish. St. Patrick is a relative. If St. Yves is the patron saint of the Bretons, St. Patrick was democratized by Guinness! ”

Father Michael Levacher

“He’s for everyone.”

According to Father Michael, St. Patrick participated in the evangelization and was one of the saints who gave their lives. “They went on an adventurous journey to convey what is closest to their heart, and this is what St. Patrick’s is all about.”

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The abbot can put on his armor and take the book of blessings and start the ceremony. Eamon, very upright, no longer speaking, enjoys this glorious moment, holding a small vessel full of water and a branch used to bless the statue against him.

The small ceremony ends with Gloria St. Patrick.

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The saint will now watch over Emon, his family, and his house. “And in Brittany, because it belongs to everyone,” Eamon concludes.

Eamonn is happy that St. Patrick is now watching over everything in Brittany, not just his home and family
Eamonn is happy that St. Patrick is now watching over everything in Brittany, not just his home and family. © Isabella Philip

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