Luxembourg becomes European sanctions champion –

Luxembourg becomes European sanctions champion -

Which European country has the highest penalty for personal data breach? Luxembourg is taking stock of EURACTIV, following a record fine imposed on Amazon last month.

The National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) in Luxembourg last month imposed a record fine of 746 million euros for multiple violations of the Public Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Earlier, France and its National Commission for Information and Freedom (CNIL) had imposed on Google the biggest permission to violate the GDPR (50 50 million) for failing to inform users about the Internet giant’s data. .

In France, Google was fined 50 50 million

By clicking on Google, the French data regulator sets a precedent. Risks of shaking up IT leaders across Europe: Violations of alleged liabilities against Google in France are common to many other players.

In December, CNIL fined Google 100 100 million for their cookie policy and 35 35 million for Amazon. With regard to data processing, the French Data Protection Authority considered it to be subject to the “Privacy” directive. Self-declaredPhysically capable “. These two major sanctions are not taken into account in our comparison because they are not strictly related to GDPR.

Luxembourg became the largest payer of GDPR fines in Europe, paying a total of 6 746 million, followed by Italy (84 84 million), France (57 57 million), collected and shared by Privacy Affairs. Erective.

The total fines associated with GDPR – effective May 2018 – are now 1 billion.

However, the Luxembourg data on the number of fines does not include gender in the flagship pack Only 11 during the last three years

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Spain, Italy and Romania hold the podium with sanctions 255, 76 and 61.

Many of these decisions are based onArticle 5 of the GDPR, Defines the exact framework for processing the data in the block.

Mechanism ” Single Window Shop “

The GDPR applies to each member state and to countries in the European Economic Zone (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway). The data, in most cases, are processed in different countries, so-called European law introduced ” Single Window Shop “Ensures cooperation between national data protection authorities.

More importantly, a competent authority to handle cross-border cases regulates the organization that initiates data processing, depending on where its legal base is located. In the case of Amazon, the Luxembourg Privacy Authority is leading the investigation because Amazon’s European headquarters are in the Grand Duchy.

However, in June, a European Court of Justice ruled that the National Data Protection Authority had the power to initiate GDPR infringement proceedings against companies registered in another specific EU member state.

The move comes after MEPs called for infringement action against Ireland for failing to address privacy complaints against Big Tech companies falling under the jurisdiction of the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

We have found that some of these resources have been made available and there are improvements, but we believe that DPC’s resources can be re-expanded so that the companies that regulate it have “almost unlimited funds” to argue and argue cases., Was later announced Erective Irish Left MEP Claire Daly.

Figures show that Ireland imposed a total of six fines of 790,000 euros.

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Money and resources are often segregated as a means of supporting and improving the system. Single Window Shop “ Turning small countries against multinational corporations.

In Ireland, for example, DPC’s budget is said to be a thousand times smaller than Google’s in 2019. Report Access now about GDPR implementation.

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