Biden thinks about the vaccination campaign

Biden thinks about the vaccination campaign

The United States Think of a campaign of Vaccination boosters. The Biden administration is examining the theory, and according to various government sources, is developing a plan to include at least a third cycle of anti – Kovid vaccines.

The news comes shortly after the executive’s major effort to improve the identification, tracking and container of Kovid variants.

As revealed Andy Slavit, Member of the President’s Anti – Kovid Response Team, Planning a Extra campaign It provides recall “Very unpredictable”, Although it now remains at the level of conjecture:

“I would like to underline that we still have a lot to do in the midst of a relationship that sees everything as trivial. It is far from the final decision”.

USA: Biden thinks about vaccination campaign

The possible vaccine booster campaign will force the U.S. government to establish new agreements with more pharmaceutical manufacturers. Distribution plans.

Slavit assured that while the executive is still reviewing the decisions, the administration has long considered the need to reassure Americans. Additional doses:

“I can assure you that we are focused on our planning and ordering the purchase of additional vaccines as we have already done, in all possible cases. Possible reminders”.

Pfizer CEO, Albert BarrThe third dose of vaccination, the so-called booster, recently stated that people should be vaccinated within 12 months.

In fact, he explained, the administration is as likely to be annual as an influenza vaccine:

The most likely situation is to give a third dose from six to three The next 12 months Date. At this point, there may be an annual vaccination, but everything still needs to be evaluated, and of course variants will play an important role. “

In the meantime Pfizer and Modern Both said their Kovid vaccines remain “Very effective” a Six months after the second dose, But researchers still do not know how much coverage against the virus lasts for six months after a complete vaccination.

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