Rugby, Italy a good Saturday: Emergency defeats Romania, Under-20s win in Ireland

Rugby, Italy a good Saturday: Emergency defeats Romania, Under-20s win in Ireland

PARMA – “Finally a convincing match. I enjoyed it.” Fir President Marcio Innocenti, let me make an exciting and exemplary comment. Rugby Italy scoring and winning. That’s fun, finally. It had not happened for a long time. Emerging team defeated Romania A 50-26, 7 for 4. They said the sole purpose of the competition at Lanfranchi de Parma was to “catch” some foreigners playing in Italian clubs before the rules were changed on January 1st. . Laws: Today in Parma one New Zealander (To Halafihi) and two South Africans (Armand du Preece, Etienne Svanepoyel) are officially “blue”. Instead, the impression is that the 2023 World Cup has captured many other potential Assyrians, and not just – why? – Already from the next six countries.

Halafihi, du Preece, Swanpoil: Three new blues

The national team consisted mainly of players playing in the Excellence Championship, which confirms the fact that there is no prejudice in selecting the best. Italia 3 is a kind of emerging, more comfortable, organized and elegant rugby than the official national team showed with Uruguay at the same ground last month. It is true that Romania had version A, but 15 of the 23 players who recently defeated Tonga. It was a real match. Athletes coached by Alessandro Troncon stood out for their discipline, integrity and personality.

Simon Gesi’s Tris, what a beautiful place for Isekor

Twenty-year-old left-winger Simon Gucci from Cologne, who has already shown great things in the Under-20s and scored 3 goals today, was particularly impressive. Median also performed well, with the No. 9 (Albanian) inspiring and providing the rhythm, while the opening da Ray kicks (7 for 8, a pole) were almost perfect. In defense, Captain Rugeri and Issacore, the best goal scorer, performed well in the third row. But the whole team showed great desire to play rugby. The three new Italians did not disappoint, on the contrary: Halafihi already deserves the No. 8 jersey, while Du Preece (2m and 5cm) make an impression on the lineout, while Swanpoel is a strong right-back support.

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Italy wins U20 with Irish in Dublin

“50% of current Scottish Internationals grew up elsewhere,” Innocent recalls. Relying on players of other races is a custom adopted by all national Oval teams in the world (except Argentina and South Africa). Instead, the experiment that Innocent wanted was successful: on such a cold day, it was unfortunate that the Italia Emergency had only a handful of spectators. Massimo Giovanelli): But if these guys continue to play like this and become role models for others, Italian rugby will recapture its audience. In Dublin, meanwhile, the Italian U20 surpassed the same age Irish selection of 15 to 8.

Italy Emerging-Romania A 50-26 (14-7)
: pt 8 ‘m. Gessie T.R. Da Ray (7-0); 17 ‘m. Gessie T.R. Da Ray (14-0); 40 ‘m. Sobota Tro Boldor Bogita (14-7); St. 44 ‘m. Rebaldi T.R. Da Ray (21-7); 47 ‘m. Izekor tr. Da Re (28-7); 53 ‘CP Da Ray (31-7); 56 ‘m. Bertasini Tri da Ray (38-7); 65 ‘m. Sobota (38-12), 69 ‘m. Gessie T.R. Da Ray (45-12); 76 ‘Romania A Freekick (45-19); 79 ‘m. Altinok TR. Boldor Bugita (45-26); 82 ‘m. Corneo (50-26)
Emerging Italy: Bayontelli (68 ‘Peseto); Sperandio, Bertasini, Drago (60 ‘Broggin), Gucci; Da Ray, Albanese (74 ‘Sitan); Halafihi (60 ‘Panoso), Ruggeri (hat), Isekor; Stoyn, Canali (2 ‘du Preece); Alongi (45 ‘Swanpoil), Ribaldi (45’ Carnio), Lecioli (45 ‘Borian). Everything. Troncon
Romania A: Simeonescu; Iliota (55 ‘ply), Shennan, Poppa (cap), Nigu; Boldor Bugita, Rupanu (74 ‘Conache); Sobota, Bobok, Nekoulo (55 ‘Altino); Todar (74 ‘Ostoni), Iftimisiac; Gordas (50 ‘Balan), Batnariu (50’ Cappatina), Tika (50 ‘Chiriak). Everything. Robinson.
Referee: Maxim Chalon (FR)
Note: Borian (Italia Emergency) yellow in the 74th minute; 76 ‘Yellow to Gezi (Italia Emergency). Players: Da Ray (Italy Emerging) 7/8; Boldor Bogita (Romania A) 2/3. Player of the Match: Gucci (Italia Emergency

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