With the crisis, responsible eating became popular again, and Irish beef was rediscovered

With the crisis, responsible eating became popular again, and Irish beef was rediscovered

Well-being begins with diet It is also a good way to monitor consumption and learn how to better manage your home. But that’s not all. Thanks to rising food prices and more awareness of environmental issues, in 2022 Reduce. This is a movement that was born in 2015 from the idea of Brian KatemanResearcher Columbia University Department of Ecology and Environmental Biology, according to a report on the latest trends in the American supermarket chain. Whole food, Is already establishing itself as a food trend in this New Year. The new challenge for “reducerites” is to control the amount and quality of meat on the plate, above all, without leaving steaks and ribs.

So this diet philosophy involves eating less meat, but Premium level, Comes from companies that promote a kind of natural breeding with grazing animals. When it comes to quality meat, we immediately think of the high-priced Irish beef that is the real highlight of this country. L ‘Ireland Over time its production techniques have been perfected, mainly by breeding breeding.Hairford as well asAberdeen Angus, Is ideal for beef production because of their good physical structure and high levels of intermuscular fat, which makes meat very juicy and tender. This meat, with its distinctive taste, is easily recognizable by its color characteristics: the burgundy red color of its pulp is rich in vitamins, and its golden fat softens when cooked.

What makes Irish beef ‘good by nature’ is nutrition Grass fed: We are talking about livestock that spend most of the year in harmony with nature, eating fresh grass and choosing from the best breeds to produce high quality meat. In addition, one of the strengths of Irish beef production has to do with tradition: cattle breeding has been practiced in Ireland for centuries, and is still practiced by the family, confirming the attested findings. Of the quality offered by Italian consumers, 23% prefer grass-fed meat, 25% prefer to find, and 29% care about animal welfare.

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Method of Brian Kateman It is healthy because today Westerners consume excessive amounts of meat, often of poor or very poor quality; Easy, because the cutting process does not involve removing the meat, so even the hottest fans can enjoy a good fillet; Morality, because eating less meat and promoting a particular type of farm is a choice that leads to less pollution and exploitation of farm animals, as well as encouraging them to breed differently and bring the work of farmers closer to the needs of the consumer. The Reduterian philosophy first aims to have positive effects not only on people, but above all on the ecosystem.

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