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GB: Money for honors, Carlo is in more trouble – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – Rome, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) – A corruption scandal that rocked Prince Charles’ base two weeks ago is suspected to have been rewarded in return for large contributions. This time, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son is in direct view. According to the Sunday Times, King has seen William Bortrick “at least nine times” and suspects that Saudi and Russian billionaires have received thousands of pounds in exchange for honors and titles.

The scandal has already led to the resignation of Michael Fawcett, one of the prince’s closest associates and former personal assistant, from the position of director of the Foundation to the resignation of the president of the same Douglas Connell.

The conservative newspaper Carlo and Bortrik have met in England, Scotland and Saudi Arabia for the past seven years. Bortrick attended a Prince-sponsored dinner at Dumfries House, the royal residence in Ayrshire, and met the Prince at Clarence House, St James’s Palace, Buckingham Palace and the British Embassy in Riyadh. According to the Times, a few weeks before this meeting, in exchange for a meeting with the prince, a six-figure donation was made to charity from Russian banker Dmitry Lius for allegedly laundering money at home.

On August 5, shortly after the meeting, Bortrick wrote to the Russian: “I had a great private visit with the Prince of Wales, who appreciated your erudition and asked to send his personal wishes to you.” The banker appears to have been invited to two private events at Carlo’s residence in Scotland, which was later canceled due to the Kovid pandemic.

Clarence House, the Guardian of the Prince’s Office, declined to comment. After the director’s resignation, he made it clear that Carlo was unaware of the relationship and had given his full support to an “independent inquiry into the foundation.” (On the handle).

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