Films dedicated to festivals will hit virtual cinema in January Segs

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This month’s premieres are ‘Fortress of Dreams’, ‘Epidemic at Sea’, ‘Fear of Love’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence – The Rise of Machines’.

Virtual Cinema, a streaming platform that follows the standards of physical cinemas, invests in quality cultural pluralism, and in January, films from different categories and countries are nominated for film festivals and bring in award winners. With national premieres, always on Thursdays, movies are shown in streaming, so you can reach places where there are no movie theaters yet.

In the first week of this year, the Lithuanian play “O Castello dos Sonhos” debuted and was selected as the best film at the Gijn International Film Festival (2020). Next week, it’s the turn of the Irish Nigu feature, the winner of the “Da Vince Festival” (2020) “high seas epidemic”. The 13-award-winning UK comedy “Fear of Loving” was released on the 21st, including London Independent Film (2020) and San Diego International Film (2019). On the 28th, the sci-fi film “Artificial Intelligence – The Rise of Machines” will be released, winning the Fest International Film Festival and the Sofest Film Festival.

Check schedule details:

January 7, 2021

The Castle of Dreams (Pilis aka The Castle) Drama – Lithuania (2020)

At the age of thirteen, Monica moved to Dublin. Despite the wishes of her mother, pianist Jolanta, she wants to become a singer in a prestigious concert hall in Ireland, and nothing can stop Monica from fulfilling that dream.

Gijon International Film Festival (2020) – Nominated, Best Film

January 14

Oceanic Epidemic (Sea Fever) Terror – Ireland (2020)

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The sea of ​​a trawler from Western Ireland is abandoned at sea, saving lives against the growing parasites in their water supply.

Da Vinci Film Festival (2020) – Award Winner: Best Picture
Sittges – Catalan International Film Festival (2020) – Nomination: Best Film

January 21

Fear of Love (Philophobia) Comedy – United Kingdom (2019)

Kai is a young writer who lived in a small town in rural England as a teenager and now enjoys his last week at school with friends. But an accident takes the life of one of them and changes the fate of everyone forever.

Film at the Bayou Film Festival (2020) – Award Winner: Best Director (Guy Davis)
European Photography Awards (2019) – Award Winner: Best Photography (Guy Davis and Stefan Yap)
International Film Festival of Wales (2019) – Award Winner: Best Picture, Best Director (Guy Davies) Best Actor (Joshua Glenister)
Lift-Off Global Network, London (2020) – Award Winner: Best Film
Lift-Off Global Network, London (2019) – Jury Award Winner: Best Picture
London Independent Film Festival (2020) – Award Winner: Best Film
San Diego International Film Festival (2019) – Award Winner: Best Film (Jury and Most Popular)
Soho International Film Festival (2020) – Award Winner: Best Actor (Joshua Glenister)
South African Independent Film Festival (2020) – Award Winner: Best Director (Guy Davies) Best Actor (Joshua Glennister)

January 28

Artificial Intelligence – The Rise of Machines (AI Rising) – Science Fiction – United States (2018)

On a lone mission to Alpha Centauri, astronaut Milotin Nimani joins Cyberg 1345. Frustrated with human contact, Milotin changes Nimani’s programmed responses, but in doing so he endangers not only the mission’s safety but his own. Life.

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Fest International Film Festival (2018) – Award Winner: Best Film; Best Director (Lazar Bodrosa); Best Actor (Sebastian Kawassa), Best Actress (Stoya)
LET’S CEE Film Festival (2018) – Award Winner: Best Film
Tarkovsky Film Festival – Serkalo (2018) – Award Winner: Best Director (Lazar Bodrosa)

Virtual Cinema is a streaming platform developed in collaboration with cinemas that bring home theatrical experience. The platform, which opened on Thursday, offers new and exclusive productions.

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