How Can a Business Account Help Me?

This question always arises when merchants are talking about a business account, especially in the modern form of an online account. Money must be kept securely, and what are the guarantees here? Furthermore, is it good for operating in Europe? What additional features do I get?

If you want to open a business account but also have similar questions, start with this article and discover the benefits of the dedicated business account together with the mechanism of its creation.

Open a Business Account:

even easier when your funds are not in one place. A private account will serve its purpose, and a business account will help you to pay taxes and make all other transactions properly.

Of course, a business account can be created in a traditional bank. However, it takes time, and many people find the bureaucracy really tiresome. In this case, an online account appears to be the best possible solution. It gives the same opportunities and even more special useful features.

To open a business account as an online account, you should do the following:

  1. Find a reliable financial organization that provides the service of this type with high quality. For example, is well-known on the European market and guarantees the safety of money and the personal data of the client.
  2. Visit the website of this company and register on it.
  3. Carefully read the rules and find out about the available options, tariffs, etc.
  4. Pass the verification procedure to confirm your identity.
  5. Provide the documents with the information regarding your business.

Generally, the financial organization needs a few days to check the information and create an online account for you. After this, you can use your business account and enjoy all the functions and benefits.

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Open a Business Account: 

When you already have a business account, you should learn as much as possible about its special features and opportunities. Let us take the Genome Account as an example and discuss the helpful tools for business that it provides.

Transfer money via business account

Using Genome Account, you can transfer money internationally via SEPA and SWIFT. There is also a system for internal transfers, so you can easily transfer money to your partners who also use Genome in seconds.

Moreover, transactions can be scheduled and planned in advance in your business account. If you need the same template more than once, just save it and use it again and again.

Manage your business account properly

Keep in mind that other employees can be given access to the online account. It means that you can add your employees and share the workload. Also, the business account creates regular reports for you and provides in-depth analytics for a better understanding of the financial situation of the company.

Enjoy favorable pricing

Money can be stored in USD, GBP, and EUR. It is possible to receive and make payments in other currencies and make exchanges under the favorable tariff inside the business account.

Order a corporate card

If you want to have a slick black matte corporate card together with an online account, you can order it and activate it instantly.

Stay secure

Genome uses the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) feature for all transactions to keep your money and sensitive personal data safe. Therefore, you may not worry about fraudsters and other unpleasant situations that can happen on the Internet.

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Enjoy the referral program

If you recommend Genome to your friends or colleagues and they start to use it, you will get bonuses for your further activity.

Altogether, via such an account, you can transfer money, store it in USD, GBP, and EUR, receive and make payments, pay taxes, and do all other actions using a web browser or even a mobile app. This world of modern online banking is just amazing, so do not hesitate to try it and become an owner of a superb account for your business!

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