Weather forecast: Cold, wet and snowy weather this Monday

Weather forecast: Cold, wet and snowy weather this Monday

AIf it rains overnight or is still wet, a freeze will occur in the northern part of the country and the roads will be slippery, so be very careful in the morning. Depending on the weather, the southwestern part will be overcast in the morning with light rain throughout the day. Rain will mark at times. In the Pyrenees, snow falls from 1,500 meters. This turbulent climate will reach the Overgone-Rh -ne-Alps and La Paca, with little rainfall, with a rain-snow range of 1000-1200 m.

Wind and rain

Above a line from Cotentin to the Dubs department, the weather will be a little unstable with a few scattered showers, and it will get stronger as the days go by. A few flakes will escape from the sky. This winter atmosphere will be strengthened by a northerly east wind with a mild snowfall along the channel coast. Unstable activity is less important, with regular snowfall in the Vosges and Jura Mountains from 300 m in Vosges and 800 m in Jura.

In le-de-Beauté, the unstable conditions will still be a temporary storm in the afternoon. Snow falls at 1200 m and later at 1600 m in the afternoon. The wind will be strong with caps and winds blowing at more than 130 kilometers per hour. Arrive at Grand Bastia from late night to early morning at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. In the mountains, it can exceed 100 kilometers per hour. Elsewhere, variable skies last all day. On the eastern beaches of C ഡിte d’Azur, westerly winds can reach up to 70 kilometers per hour.

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The temperature will drop again. Minimum – 2 to + 2 degrees in the northern half, 2 to 4 in Huts-de-France, 3 to 6 in the southwest and 7 to 10 Corsica on the Mediterranean coast. 0 to 1 degree is the maximum negative in huts-de-France. They vary from 1 to 5 degrees north, 10 to 12 degrees southwest and 14 to 15 degrees along the line.

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