Genshin Impact Trailer Update 1.2 Release Date and New Map Revealed

Genshin Impact Trailer Update 1.2 Release Date and New Map Revealed

Today, developer miHoYo released a new version Genshine Impact The trailer reveals when the next big update of the game – 1.2 – will be released. In addition, it also reveals a new map that comes with the Dragon‌spine update. In other words, there will be an update that packs the game’s first map extension. As you can see in the trailer below, Dragonspine is a frozen mountain range south of Montstad, home to unique creatures, lost ancient civilization, rare handicrafts, and, at best, recipes for multiple four-star weapons.

According to developer miHoYo, this area is snowy all year round. As you might expect, this extreme weather will pose challenges for players. This is where the new “Shear Cold” bar comes into play, challenging to keep players warm. This is not only something that players need to keep in mind when exploring, but also in combat.

DragonSpine also has a new seasonal event called “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”. According to Mihoyo, players will join the albedo, “the talented chief alchemist and captain of Montstad’s Knights of Favonius’ investigation team” who can explore, discover and modify a legendary sword with power. There will be other rewards that can be redeemed, including the crown of insight.

As for the new character Albedo mentioned above, Ganyu will join him, both of which are playable and five-star characters.

“Albedo is a young and legendary alchemist in Montstad who wields the power of the sword and the power of Geo. .

Genshine Impact Available on PS4, PC and mobile devices. It can also be played on the PS5, but now only through backward compatibility. The correct PS5 version works with a Nintendo Switch port.

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