Tim Malzer embarks on his next journey of discovery with “Kitchen Impossible.”

Tim Malzer embarks on his next journey of discovery with "Kitchen Impossible."

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Tim Malzer once again invited many chefs to discover and experiment with the cuisines of other countries. This time, the teams again move from the German-speaking region to the world. And the cast is more female.

The new season of the Vox cooking duel “Kitchen Impossible” with Tim Malzer is allowed to look beyond the German-speaking horizon, thus leading to Ireland, Norway and Albania. Here and there, as always, you have to cook typical local dishes without a recipe and convince a local jury. Top chefs Cornelia Poletto, Haya Molchow, Victoria Fuchs, Björn Swanson, Sven Wasmer, Alain Weisgerber and Hendrik Haase are the challengers this time.

And with that, the three women confront the “kitchen bull.” He likes it. “This time we have a lot of female representatives, which I am very happy about,” said Malzer of the German Press Agency in Hamburg. There have always been voices wanting to see more female chefs. There’s a simple reason why men have dominated so far: “It’s because few women want to compete, because for them cooking often has nothing to do with competition.” However, this time the women are fighting and cooking. The seventh season begins Sunday at 8:15 PM on Vox.

But “Kitchen Impossible” is about more than cooking for mortars. For him, it’s not just discovering countries, it’s also getting to know people. Chefs and locals. The good thing about “the kitchen” is that you get out of the cliché drawer because you can experience it in real life.” Often you build an image of others based on headlines and social media. “And then you often have to realize that it has something to do with reality, but there’s so much more to discover. There’s more depth. “

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This will not only benefit the unity but also the experience of foreign places. “When you let yourself discover the territory with the people, you quickly see that there are no dirty corners in Germany or in the world. If you’re willing to approach it with an open mind — and you should be with “Kitchen Impossible” — then there will always be beautiful things and special people to discover. It brings back memories, and I think that’s what life is supposed to do.”

Mälzer wants to explore the cuisine of the Faroe Islands more intensively, as well as explore different culinary aspects of China and Africa. “It’s incredibly exciting to be able to move outside of tourism and find things out there that have something to do with enjoyment.”

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