Watch SpaceX fly its starship spacecraft during the first high-altitude test live – TechCrunch

Watch SpaceX fly its starship spacecraft during the first high-altitude test live - TechCrunch

SpaceX The first for the prototype design of the spacecraft – everything set up to test the high altitude of its starship rocket. From the development site of SpaceX in Cameroon County, Texas, you can see Starship Serial No. 8 (SN8) flying, ascending to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet and then returning to Earth during a controlled landing using raptor engines. To plan. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, commented that things were not going well planned with this experiment and that they probably hoped to win. 1/3 of their goals With this effort.

This is the first time Starship has flown with three Raptor engines – using only one of the short hop tests of previous prototypes. This will include a major maneuver required for the StarShip to ultimately achieve its reusability goal and return safely through the Earth’s atmosphere when landing – a type of mid-air belly flop to properly orient to avoid burning. When re-entering.

The SpaceX StarShip prototype flew just under 500 feet and landed successfully with a controlled descent. This effort will include an attempt to revive the starship’s engines and bring them back to Earth in a vertical orientation, but they are unlikely to succeed at this stage. The previous step-by-step goals reach that maximum height and are completed. ‘Belly flop’ craft. Performing tests like these with little chance of successful results is of course the same as for rocket development programs, but SpaceX is one of the few companies to do so in the open – probably the only company with live stream access.

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Ultimately, Starship will prove to be the core component of a new generation launch vehicle that SpaceX expects to reach Mars – and will replace all of its existing launch operations. Falcon Provide vehicles, as well as high-altitude point-to-point flights between land destinations for high-speed travel. The StarShip will be paired with a super heavy rocket for extra mass for high-mass cargo missions and long-distance deep space travel.

Today’s test launch can take place between 9 AM EST (6 AM PST) and 6 PM EST (3 PM PST), and SpaceSpace says live streaming will begin shortly before the actual launch attempt, so stay tuned for the video above and our Twitter account for updates.

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