Global decarbonization leader highlights the role of digital innovation in the fight against climate change

Global decarbonization leader highlights the role of digital innovation in the fight against climate change

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At COP26 in Glasgow, Atos pointed out the growing importance of new digital solutions to reduce emissions for all types of organizations.

Paris / Glasgow – Atos demonstrates its key role in decarbonization by delivering solutions for its own customer base and making significant research and development investments in future digital technologies, with a commitment to offset the remaining emissions by 2028. The goal is to reduce emissions in new and effective ways. At the climate summit, a delegation of high-ranking digital experts is campaigning for rapid improvement to Net Zero.

At a panel hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Nordin Behmann, Global Chief Delivery Officer and Head of Net-Zero Transformation at Atos, advocates digitization, which not only makes the transition to net zero possible. A process that can be decisively accelerated.

Speaking before the panel, Noordin Behmann said, “I believe that a net zero future is possible, but that requires comprehensive action globally. On this path that we need to accelerate, digitization is a way to support the private and public sectors. Focuses on the data: to make accurate and timely decisions, as well as to measure, reduce and ultimately remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. We have developed an end-to-end portfolio that uses technology and nature-based solutions to support this critical transition for our customers.

Atos will work with global leaders at the conference to improve their understanding of the scale of the sustainability challenge and how they can work together to address it. The recent annual report of Atos company EcoAct supports this function. It contains Climate Reporting Performance Analysis, which categorizes the top 20 companies in the FTSE 100, DOW 30 and EURO STOXX 50 for disclosing their weather data. Achieve their climate goals;

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Play a key role in DEFRA Tech for climate action by introducing appropriate technologies and innovations to build resilience, reduce emissions and achieve overall zero compliance with IPCC recommendations by 2050. It also highlights the crucial role that secure digital devices play in reducing CO2 emissions;

Suggest concrete steps through innovative ways like Terra²: Breakthrough mobile app, providing valuable weather data that enables decision makers and influencers to make data-based decisions and support COP26’s goals.
Atos underscores its COP26 operations with Digital Vision: COP26: The current paper examines how organizations across all sectors, with the contributions of Atos experts, business and political leaders, can achieve net acceleration goals using digital technologies. Create a sustainable future.

In addition, the latest report from Climate Tech: The Innovators, entitled “Green Cloud: How Collaboration Unlocks the Green Possibilities of Cloud Computing” by Clay Van Doran, CEO of Atos, UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. TechUK. It was unveiled at a reception hosted by Atos at COP26 at Glasgow Trade Hall.

Clay Van Doren, CEO of Atos in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, said: “As a leader in decarbonization, which now offers viable solutions and long-term research and development investments, we urge governments around the world to embrace this important opportunity. Joint action to bring about sustainable change. If we are committed to Net Zero by 2028 and become number one in the IT services sector as a signatory to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Climate Pledge, we will lead governments and companies to help achieve Net Zero. That is why we play such a comprehensive and active role in COP26.

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Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) is ranked number one in the world & Europe IT services sector by Atos, which offers a digital end-to-end approach to enabling decarbonization and significant changes in the path to zero for customers and partners. The company is committed to reducing global CO2 emissions under its control and influence by 50% by 2025 and to meet the remaining emissions by 2028 – seven years earlier than the company had previously set a target of 2035.

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