Two-thirds of the complaints handled by the telecom regulator so far this year are from ER customers

Two-thirds of the complaints handled by the telecom regulator so far this year are from ER customers

Comreg told the Joint Oriachos Committee on Transport and Communications that it had “significant problems with customers” trying to contact the company.

Of the 5,354 complaints resolved by Com Reig in the first nine months of this year, two – thirds or 3,477 were from ER customers, said Com Reig Chairperson Garrett Blaney.

The telecom regulator said the ban on telecom companies such as IR was not enough to intimidate operators and called for legal reform in the matter.

Carol Lennon, Eir’s chief executive, told the Oriyachas Committee last month that the company had made a mistake in finding their customer care center in Sligo.

She said it took “more time” to train county staff because she was unfamiliar with working in a call center.

“There is no history of contact centers in Sligo before we get there, which means that when we hire local staff, the people who travel from the area, the local staff, many of them come from retail or hospitality.

“It was a challenge and it took us a long time to train them,” she added.

He said it was not accurate to say that Frank Feigan, the minister of state for local TDs Fine Gayle, would write to the CEO about his views on Sligo.

Fianna F സ്il Sligo TD Mark McCarthy said, “The air management team needs to admit when they are wrong, admit when the service is bad and support their staff.

Wait time

Although any call center can experience occasional problems during waiting times, Eir
Users encountered unacceptable wait times during the last period
The number of months, Blaney said.

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Comreg says it has taken a number of steps to mitigate the impact on customers, and is informing customers how to complain to Air.

He also said that if they are not able to contact Ire, they can complain to Com Reg.

To understand this, Coreg interacts with the CEO of Eer on a two-week basis
The status of their care activity and remedial plans.

It is important to note that Air is responsible for resolving fundamental issues in the customer care process. Eer is the one who hires and trains care agents. Their compulsion and encouragement is determined by the er. IRA provides them with IT facilities.

“Com Reg will continue to put pressure on Irene to resolve these issues expeditiously,” Blaney said.

Large sanctions are needed

Looking to the future, Blaney said, in light of the critical issues during Ire’s call response times, Comreg considered what additional steps could be taken and the additional powers would be useful.

“We think it’s important for Comreg to be in a position to grow bigger
Sanctions that are a real barrier to disobedience. It will provide service
We encourage more providers to uphold the ultimate consumer rights in advance, rather than complying only after Comreg takes action, ”Blaney told the committee.

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Fianna Fil Senator Timmy Dooley said Ire decided that for some reason the consequences of their poor customer service “would not affect them”.

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Currently, if Comreg wants to impose a substantial fine on a telecom company, it initiates an investigation and follows the appropriate procedures before reaching a decision or final opinion on non-compliance. Comreg should go to the High Court, where the court can prescribe the fine or penalty to be applied.

Blaney said it was a “difficult process” and “not scary enough.”

Instead of going to court to impose fines, Comreg wants to change the law so that the organization can impose its own fines directly.

Committee chairman Kieran O’Donnell said the organization appears to be toothless without current powers, and requested the organization to explain what the legislative changes would be to enable it to impose significant fines without involving the courts.

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