The ship is Kovid Free. Vaccines for 200 sailors

The ship is Kovid Free.  Vaccines for 200 sailors

Two hundred sailors from all over the world were vaccinated at the Pala Expo in Margera. They are 189 males and 11 females. They include the entire crew of Rotterdam, a Covid free ship built at the Fincantieri de Margera shipyard, which departs from Venice Harbor on Saturday, July 31, exactly one week later. Destination, Caribbean.

Seafarers come from the Philippines, the United States, South Africa, Indonesia, England, the Netherlands, Panama, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Turkey and Ireland.

Rotterdam Crew

After checking the temperature and cleaning their hands with their owner on a bus, they walked to the wing of the submitted Pala Expo in a single file, holding their passports and helmets. An interpreter provided language instructions on vaccination procedures and vaccination.

After the medical history of the vaccinator, they received the first dose of Modena at two clinics within an hour, temporarily reserved.

Wait 15 minutes for any adverse reactions, issue the vaccination certificate, and return to a single file to exit. At the next airport, Tristail, they will receive a second dose of the vaccine.

In order to register in the computer system, Usmaf provided the health company with a list of sailors with personal data and a passport numeric code, valid in this case as a health card.


The successful outcome of the operation requires the combined efforts of Als3, Fincanteria and Confinadria. It is a further testament to the co-operation and community of the motives that have animated the initiatives undertaken in this area from the very beginning.

The vaccination booking process at the construction site provides the financiatory administrative staff with the opportunity to implement this within the broader agreement signed by Als3 and Fincantieri to facilitate vaccination for all workers at the Margara plant, direct construction site employees, and workers of third party companies.

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Comment by Eduardo Contato

“This ship proves to be the epitome of our country, using our healthcare services to navigate safely around the world, up to the full immunization of its crew – says Als3 Serensisima Eduardo Contato Director General. The excellent synergies created between the healthcare company Fincanteri and Confinadria focus on the safety of the workplace healthcare distribution network and its employees and users, allowing us to contribute to the efficiency of the Italian system.

We must be committed to getting the country out of a crumbling crisis. Each of us must bring their talents to the field based on their abilities. The healthcare system in Veneto and Venice goes hand in hand with these processes to promote entrepreneurial excellence. ”

Comment by Carlo Cremona

Carlo Cremona, Director of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at Fincantieri, declares: “Supporting and facilitating the immunization process of all workers engaged at our construction sites is a priority for the Company, with the goal of achieving the highest safety standards for all workers. To the context of production and to the contribution to the extraordinary effort made by the public health of the area.

The immunization of Rotterdam crew members is a complete part of this logic, and Fincantieri ensures that workplace safety and the protection of all human resources involved in the various capacities involved in its production process are fully centralized.

The emergency caused by the pandemic does not prepare us. In this context, our structure’s excellent response capabilities have enabled us to implement effective measures to prevent and contain infectious phenomena, researching and promoting new forms of collaboration with institutions and health authorities in various regions. Exists.

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The workplace vaccination campaign is another testament to our commitment: we have worked hard and will continue to do well in the current situation. ”

Comment by Vincenzo Marines

Protecting health and the economy are essential and vital aspects. In the difficult moment we are experiencing, the protection of workplace safety has allowed for the construction of a ship like Rotterdam.

A pilot protocol signed by Fincantieri, Als3 and Confederate Venezia last October launched a good model of cooperation between the public and private sectors. The screening system, using quick tests, made it possible to zero in on infections at the construction site.

A sacred path that continued yesterday through immunizations for the entire crew of the ship. This result shows that by joining the army, we can counteract the pandemic and the economic impact on production activities, ”said Vincenzo Marinis, President of Confederate Venice.

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