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WWE SmackDown Own Results, Recap, Grades: Unsettled Roman rule and Jae Uzo alliance, Bailey attack Sasha banks

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Within two weeks of the Clash of Champions, the WWE SmackDown returned to the Thunderdome inside the Amway Center in Orlando. At the main event, Jay Uso rejoined the Roman Regions, his cousin, and the man facing off on September 27 for the Universal Championship.

Uso and Regions faced King Corbyn and Shiamus in a match of the tag competition last week in a match held under Samoan Street Fight rules. The match was short and chaotic, but Uzso and Region won before a successful celebration that seemed to go south at any moment, but the show aired before things were completely dry in front of the family.

CBS Sports was with you all night on Friday, giving you recaps and highlights of the night’s activity. Read on to find out everything that came out nine days before Clash of Champions.

Conflicts between the Roman Empire and Jay Uso intensify

Interviewing Youssef at the very beginning of the show, Paul Heyman said he was told it was a miscommunication to show up late for their tag contest last week and that he was willing to believe it. Uzo said he was focusing on the tag match, not the clash of champions with the region for next Sunday’s Universal Championship. Later on the show, Shiamus and Corbyn were talking behind the scenes when the same security guard set up by Big E two weeks ago told Shiamus that his car was being towed. Big E attacked Shiamus before hitting the security guard, who hit him in the stomach through the car windshield and ended up with the guard locked in a trunk.

Roman rule and Jaisalmer Def. King Corbin & Shiamus via Pinfall After hitting Uso Corbyn with a Uso splash. “This is my yard, my island, my ring, the WWE. Come and get it from me if you need it,” he said, cutting off an in-ring promo before the match. During the match, Corbyn and Shiamus chased Uso through a table with a double power bomb after the rings had been pulled, but Uso was able to get out. As the chaos escalated, Yuso hit Corby with a universal championship belt, allowing Reggie to hit a spear before descending the top rope to score the pin. The monarchy is angry that Yuso Pin was stolen, as Regency did last week. Uso was afraid to laugh before the two embraced before throwing the title into the monarchy. While continuing in the Regions Ring, Uso walked up the ramp, his smile turning to an exploit as the show aired.

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The symbolic performance of the monarchy after the match was astounding. The complex relationship between the regions and the WWE fans often does not make him a real person. Now, during his heel race, Regency is augmenting it by being a pony with his own cousin ahead of Uso’s first shot at the singles championship. There is no further drama about what the outcome of the Clash of Champions match between the two will be, but the way this little feud nurtures the region’s new personality is of high value for promotion. Right now, Regions is doing a great job. The match was throwing stuff. Street fights are an easy mess, but not too many notes. Still, the segments did their job, and the cruelty of the monarchy to his cousin must have been interesting. Grade: b

Bailey attacks Sasha Banks again

Sasha Banks spoke for the first time since Bailey’s attack. Banks said they heard Bailey’s promo last week, where SmackDown champion Bailey said he was of no use and could not help but was full of emotions. The banks, seated at the WWE Performance Center, talked about how to walk through the halls and take over the entire promotion, and they were able to do it together before they started to cry.

Banks said that one day Bailey would come for the SmackDown crown, saying that Bailey was innocent and that it was a joke not to realize that she was nothing without their participation. At that moment, Bailey attacked the banks with a steel chair from behind. After hitting the braces on the necks of the banks, Bailey backed down when WWE officials came to the scene to show the trend towards the banks.

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She shouldn’t have written more about the banks promo, mostly a retelling of what Bailey said, but the champion’s words twist from her ex-best friend’s point of view. Bailey attacks again – because the banks are already injured – and did a great job of adding some extra distance to Bailey’s character. Bailey is a terrifying personality rather than just a hook heel champion. The program is long overdue, but the rewards are good for two weeks. Grade: B-

What else happened at WWE Roy?

  • Miss and John Morrison opened the show with The Dirt Sheet. After discussing various things planned for the show, Miss began to joke about trading Mandy Rose to Roy, teasing Otis on the way until the heavy machinery ran out and knocked them both out, before Otis knocked on the caterpillar and dropped a splash into Miss Underwear. Miss later interviewed about the situation behind it, saying it was part of the plan. He then answered a phone call and asked, “Is this enough?” He hung up while smiling. It was revealed last night that Miss and Morrison would file a lawsuit against Otis if the bank did not abandon the money in the contract.

  • Cesaro Def. Gran Metallic by Pinfall After hitting a neutralizer. At the start of the match, Luca Ha House kicked the rest of the team out of the ring, while Callisto and Lin Dorado gave contradictory advice to Metallic. The pace of Lucha Party splits continues.

  • Nicky Cross Def. Lacey Evans via Pinball After hanging the neck breaker. Prior to the match, Evans interrupted a conversation between Cross and Alexa Bliss in A Moment of Bliss last week. During the match, the cross-squeezed hand sanitizer was drawn to the cross eyes in front of the cross referee, drawing a little more than a warning but the cross was still able to secure the victory. When Evans was removed from the declaration list, Bliss’s expression was empty, and she beat Evans with Sister Abigail before she could walk away.

  • AJ Styles Def. Sami Sain by Pinball With a school boy pin. Sine pinned the style but the style tights were caught. Styles returned the favor but could not catch up and won. As Sean demanded that the match be declared “still champion” because it was “not the title”, Jeff Hardy ran to the ring side and pulled out Style and Zion. He then climbed the ladder but Sain came out of the ring. Hardy said he was tired of calling it a cheat and deception before extending a challenge for a ladder match against the two in the Clash of Champions.

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