You can even play dinosaur!

You can even play dinosaur!

It was the time when Google brought its Android widgets up to the standard of iOS.

Many have long argued The paradox of Google Widgets, It’s definitely on the Mountain View Giant There is more focus on widgets developed for iOS than are available on Android, Practically abandoned for a long time.

Criticisms should have prompted at least one Chrome development team, viz In the 95th edition of the Google Browser Includes as comrades Android Police, Total Three new widgets with better design And some extra activities that you love so much.

Google’s popular dinosaur minigame comes to Chrome for Android widgets.

In fact, the new Chrome widgets for Android are getting an aesthetic touch Approach the design lines of Material You, Including now Two new widgets Chrome Shortcuts With sizes 5×2 and 5×1 It’s called an interesting widget Chromium Dino That, effectively, will allow you Play with the popular dinosaur from the same desktop Of your mobiles.

They are very simple to activate Use Flags Via Chrome, Accessing the browser and pasting the following codes into the navigation bar:

chrome: flags / # enable-quick-action-search-widget-android

chrome: flags / # enable-quick-action-search-widget-android-dino-variant

How to play Google Dinosaur with or without internet connection

As you might expect, Shortcut widgets offer customizable shortcuts Google Search Bar, Browser Incognito Mode, Voice Search or Google Lens, Second A window opens for the unpretentious Chrome Dino game That instant flavor.

Obviously these new options They do not replace any previous widgets We already know from Google Chrome things like bookmarks or searches, so they mean add more functionality to Chrome for Android.

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Yes, for the time being Is in the testing phase Well, as you can see in the screenshots that follow on some other smartphones The scale seems wrongIn addition to the fact that some users see different buttons in shortcut widgets.

New widgets in Google Chrome 95 for Android

New widgets in Google Chrome 95 for Android.

How to “hack” Google dinosaur into Mario, Sonic or Batman

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