Wisconsin judge rules Trump’s bid to overturn Biden victory in state

Wisconsin judge rules Trump's bid to overturn Biden victory in state

A Wisconsin judge has ruled against Donald Trump’s claim that Joe Biden’s election victory in the state should be annulled, another setback to a series of failures in an extraordinary attempt to eliminate the loss of the president.

He is expected to rule from Reserve Judge Stephen Simanak to the Conservative Supreme Court in Wisconsin. He has a federal case in Wisconsin, where a judge can pronounce judgment today.

Trump is urging lower court judges to give a speedy verdict on the cases so he can file an appeal before the Electoral College meeting on Monday and register 10 votes for Wisconsin Biden.

The Democrats won by about 20,600 votes, a margin of 0.6 percent, against the recall requested by Trump in two large constituencies.

In a state lawsuit, Trump demanded that 221,000 votes be disqualified in the Democratic strongholds of Dane and Milwaukee. He did not challenge any of the ballots he recorded in the counties he won.

Judge Simanak ruled today that the election rules and guidelines had been complied with and that there was no evidence to support Trump’s arguments.

The judge said the court should do everything possible to ensure that the will of the voters prevails.

Trump also wanted to disqualify absentee ballots recorded earlier and in person, saying there was no proper written request for ballots; Ballots not produced by people claiming to be “limited indefinitely”; Absentee ballots collected by polling workers in Madison parks; And missing information on ballot envelopes and absentee ballots filled by clerks.

Trump’s attorney, Jim Troopis, has argued that it is wrong to rely on Wisconsin Election Commission guidelines for ballots that clerks in Milwaukee and Dane Counties do not attend.

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He argued that the guidelines, some of which had been in place for years or had been modified in response to the corona virus pandemic, were contrary to state law to make it easier to record ballots for people who were confined indefinitely.

Biden’s lawyer John Devani argued that all those who voted in the presidential election “fully complied with the rules that came into force during the election.” He said there was no evidence of fraud or illegal activity.

Dewani also said that Trump had “fraudulently” targeted ballots cast in two of Wisconsin ”s whiteest counties for disqualification.

He noted that no one has challenged the laws that existed before the election, including when Trump won the state in 2016.

The president and his allies are facing numerous defeats in Wisconsin and across the country as they put forward lawsuits that rely on unfounded claims of widespread fraud and electoral abuse.

The federal judge’s Twitter case of a simple-appointed federal judge in Wisconsin was “unbelievable” and “paradoxical” and the result was “very strange,” the judiciary said yesterday, arguing that the result was “the most remarkable reign in federal history.”

U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig has promised that his verdict will be announced soon.

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear the case before going through the lower courts. A majority of justices have publicly questioned whether it is appropriate to disqualify ballots as Trump wishes.

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