On Week 2 Quarantine, the girl who checked her home camera did not expect to see the horror scene, the “heartbreaking” clip attracted 12 million viewers

On Week 2 Quarantine, the girl who checked her home camera did not expect to see the horror scene, the "heartbreaking" clip attracted 12 million viewers

The twisted story recently shared on Weibo by a woman named Liu from Xi’an, China has caught the attention of many online communities. Accordingly, they said the city should be isolated for 2 weeks as an epidemic has erupted.

During that time, she sometimes checked the camera to monitor the situation at home. However, because of that, she accidentally saw with her own eyes the horrible scene happening in her house, but could do nothing.

According to the picture shown on camera, almost the entire living room of her house was “torn”, destroyed and turned into a mess. Sofas, shoes and cosmetics were destroyed, ranging from expensive items to cheap items, and the whole room became a chaotic battlefield. It would not be more insane, the cause of everything was the pet who was alone at home when the owner was not there. Why?

Horrible scene at home when Miss Liu was not there

Follow HouLang NewsLiu said the pet was not allowed on the isolation ward, so he prepared food for the dog, set up a surveillance camera and left it alone at home. After Miss Liu left, the dog waited at the front door, waiting for the owner to return.

By the second day, the animal became restless and began to bite on the sofa in the living room out of control. “Every day it destroys the house a little bit. The furniture is torn by the furniture. By then, everything in the house is broken.” In the video, which attracted 12 million viewers, you can see this dog barking through the wardrobe, digging for the sofa and scattering broken furniture on the floor everywhere.

Miss Liu added that even though the quarantine is a week away, she has already started pre-ordering online to replace the new furniture. Miss. Liu’s bizarre story attracted a lot of attention from Chinese netizens, and even caused Weibo users to unanimously suggest the idea of ​​allowing pets to be quarantined with their owners. Weibo estimates that the above discussion quickly garnered over 310 million views.

In addition, many boldly contributed ideas about setting up volunteer centers for pets or the government agency’s plan to address the issue of caring for abandoned animals when the owner leaves.

Last month, the city of Sian, with a population of 13 million, experienced the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the country since the beginning of the epidemic by the end of 2019. In early January, after maintaining a two-week social distance. , Officials said. Although many people were still in the quarantine, the epidemic situation in Zion was “under control”.

At 2 weeks quarantine, the girl who checked the camera in her home did not expect to witness the horrific scene,

Taking care of pets is a crisis when homeowners are forced to go into concentrated isolation during the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Despite the heavy damage to her home, Miss Liu still considers herself lucky. “At least my dog ​​is healthy. He has not eaten anything bad. We can go home in seven days and everything will be fine.” She shared optimistically. “The house may be a trash can, but we can clean it up, and it’s okay.”

In fact, the Chinese authorities repeatedly had to deal with the pet problem while residents were conducting the quarantine process. Last November, in Shanghai, eastern Jiangxi province, a city employee arbitrarily broke into a house and beat a dog while the owner was quarantining at a hotel. Some reports from 2021 indicate that the problem of cats being killed when homeowners are isolated is concentrated in many cities across the country.

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Source: Yahoo News, Weibo

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