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In a nutshell – why it is important for the phone to have a screen with the highest possible refresh content, and what else it affects.

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Recently, from the top segment, the upgrade rate or screen upgrade rate / rate above 60 Hz has been reduced to affordable phones.

Today we offer low- and mid-range phones with a screen upgrade of 90 or 120 Hz, which makes affordable phones more attractive and attractive to use.

I is one such phone Honor Magic 4 LiteWhose screen is one of the three most important things to consider when buying any phone.

So far we have told you About the battery, Now we are moving towards speed, viz. We need to explain to you what the screen upgrade rate is, and finally the third thing you should consider when choosing a new phone.

Renewal rates on mobile devices are the same as in everything else Other screens we mentioned – Provides a smooth view of the animation. Until recently, the standard for mobile screens was 60 Hz. From the end of 2019, updated models with 90 Hz screens began to appear. We already have 120 Hz models, and even 144!

The high screen refresh rate has several advantages. When you quickly change the display like scrolling in the Instagram app, your eyes can see more content than when the refresh rate was 60 Hz. This is possible because the phone gives you multiple frames (thumbnails) at each move, allowing for the smooth animations and transitions mentioned above. Also, in games that require quick reflexes like first or third person shooters or driving, all gamers will tell you that the difference between success and failure is very exaggerated and refreshing speed.

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Of course, the excellent quality of animation between displays is undisputed, but the high upgrade rates bring a crucial penalty for mobile devices – high power consumption, and thus low battery life. Depending on the model and specifications, this can range from 10 to 30%. That’s why our battery story is important HONOR Magic4 Lite Phone, This will allow you to enjoy the best picture without stopping and the autonomy of the phone will last for a long time. Also, when it comes to gamers, the sample rate is the screen response speed at the contact point. Honor Magic 4 Lite Up to 240 Hz, the phone responds to commands in games with lightning speed.

An interesting option is the variable refresh rate, which has been used by most phone manufacturers recently. When a smooth display is required, the screen is upgraded to 120 Hz, and to save energy, it is reduced to 10 Hz on static screens and several intermediate steps (30, 50, 60, 90 Hz). The HONOR Magic4 Lite screen also supports a variable upgrade rate, which means that the software and hardware are intelligently matched to the content on the screen, again leading to better device autonomy.

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The screen of this phone is very wide, 6.81 inches diagonal, which is about 17.31 cm and on the front of the phone it covers up to 94% of the record area. ! This is made possible by the very thin edges of the phone, which is only 1.05mm thick “on all three sides” so it looks perfect from the phone screen.

It uses a flat IPS LCD panel with Full HD + resolution (2,388 x 1,080 pixels) for better viewing of movies and series. HONOR therefore delivers the Netflix application immediately with the device, within which the screen brightness (up to 535 cd / m2) can be increased, thus making the display brighter. It is easy to see even in bright ambient light. However, if you want the best audio-visual video viewing experience, do it in any closed space.

The screen is equipped with new technologies to protect against long-term viewing, especially before bedtime, with a special mode for reading e-books and eye fatigue.

We will tell you clearly what this is all about Instagram StoryWe will publish it soon, so stay tuned!

RAM Turbo and additional options, then give it a try

Of course, none of this would be possible without the quality hardware support presented on the HONOR Magic4 Lite phone. Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset 5G connectivity and Adreno 619 graphics, as we saw earlier on the flagship chipsets (built on 6 nm technology).

We will explain what it is Ram Turbo This will help you to better use your phone and we will reveal all the details about the HONOR Magic4 Lite phone hardware which will allow you to enjoy your phone for a long time.

We will explain more about the camera, software, design, build quality and everything else you need to know before making a purchase. Honor Magic 4 LiteIt is already available with us.

follow us We hope you find one of the hottest phones of this season by the end of May and you can easily pick it up!

You have something to ask us – well, do it in the comments, we will answer all the questions through our apps or phone test!

Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G Video
Source: Honor Serbia

Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G Video
Source: Honor Serbia

HONOR Magic4 Lite 5G Video Quality Testing
Source: Honor Serbia

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