Northern Irish Protocol – Brexit-London not ready to abandon talks with Brussels on 10/11/2021 17:04

The UK wants a fresh start in the EU for a "reform" of the Brexit deal.

(Updated with EU Ambassadors Meeting)

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London, Nov 10 (Reuters) – British Brexit minister David Frost has said he will not leave London as long as there is room for maneuvering between Britain and the European Union. Wednesday.

“Although these discussions have been going on for about four weeks now, the process is not over: there are still avenues in the framework of the discussions that have not yet been seriously explored,” David Frost told the House of Lords.

“I’m definitely not going to give up this process until it’s completely clear that nothing more can be done, but we’re definitely not there,” he added.

In his view, although there is a slight understanding between the two parties, the differences between London and Brussels remain “particularly deep” on the issue of the Northern Irish Protocol on the Brexit Agreement, especially since progress has not been made fast enough.

In charge of the talks with London, European Commission Vice President Maros Cefkovic released an update on the situation on Wednesday for the 27 ambassadors to the European Union. He told diplomats that relations with Britain were not working but should continue.

David Frost, on his part, once again threatened to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Irish Protocol, which allows both parties to take unilateral action if they consider the protocol to have serious consequences.

London believes that these rules are enshrined in the Brexit agreement to prevent the restoration of a physical border on the island of Ireland, which hinders the trade of goods with Northern Ireland.

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The EU warns of a “strong” reaction on its part

“The EU is preparing to activate Article 16 of the UK. Such a unilateral and unjustifiable initiative on the part of the UK would welcome a clear European response to the United States,” the EU Member State agreed. A European diplomat after a meeting of ambassadors in Brussels.

Some spoke of a “proportional” response, while others said it was “tough” or “strong” even though it had affected the block’s economy.

“There is no reason to walk around,” said one diplomat.

Regarding the dispute over the issuance of fishing licenses in the British Ocean, David Frost, who was mainly the subject of conflict with France, welcomed the postponement of French retaliation and hoped that it would be revoked expeditiously.

The British minister told parliament that his government intended to achieve a fair result in the fisheries file.

France, which has accused Great Britain of disobeying its word and not granting adequate licenses to French fishermen, announced at the end of October that retaliatory measures against Great Britain would take effect from 2 November. Strengthen fishing and cargo borders and health restrictions from Great Britain.

Even before these provisions came into force, the dialogue between the various parties, especially between London and Brussels, was suspended.

“Today we are focusing on this European activity. This is because we deeply believe that if we move forward, it can move in this European direction,” said Gabriel Atal, a spokesman for the French government. Report of the Cabinet Committee.

(Reporting by Kate Holton and Kylie McClellan with Philippe Blenkinsopp, Brussels, French edition by Miriam Rivet, Bertrand Bouzi, edited by Blandin Henolt and Jean-Michel Bellot)

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