Unofficial Purpose: Reinstalling Apple Music Kicks Other Apps in the Dock – Apple App Store / Music / TV / News / Podcasts

Unofficial Purpose: Reinstalling Apple Music Kicks Other Apps in the Dock - Apple App Store / Music / TV / News / Podcasts

A bug in Apple Music has confused some iPhone users.According to various reports, Apple Music installs directly to the bottom of the iPhone, not to the phone’s home screen when downloading the iOS app.Apps are not usually done, it is reported that the user will kick off other apps that are set under it and take their place.


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SomeIPhoneUsers also found that the bug caused Apple Music to become the default music service requested by Siri – even if other services such as Spotify had been configured before.

It is not clear how common this error is.

However, this issue has been seen in different versions of iOS 15, so it does not seem to be related to the latest iOS updates. Also, it is expected to affect different iPhone models.

Apple could not provide further details about the bug, but said it was investigating.

An iOS developer, Kevin Archer, first discovered the strange behavior of Apple Music and tweeted a video showing Apple removing Spotify from the bottom of the iPhone when installing Apple Music.

While this scenario seems to indicate that Apple is somehow promoting Apple Music instead of Spotify, Archer points out that this happens when any third-party applications are in the fourth slot below. He also said that first-party apps like Apple’s Camera app will not be knocked out.

However, foreign media tests have found that the Apple Music app will replace various applications deployed by users at the bottom of the interface – including first-party apps such as the built-in camera app and other third-party apps such as Twitter. Another developer took to Twitter to point out that Apple Music was squeezing Apple’s Safari app from the bottom of their iPhones.

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While some are skeptical about this change in self – recommendation – after all, Apple used to rank its apps above the App Store search results and App Store charts – in this case, it does not affect all users in the same way, and there are very good reasons to consider it a bug.

While Apple needs more users for its Apple Music service, it’s hard to imagine that Apple will surpass the established preferences of iPhone users and their personalized app settings. This is a bad customer experience. Also, if Apple wants to secretly move users to music, it can not try to drop its apps directly instead of explicit training of other apps.

However, it did not take long for Epic CEO Tim Sweeney to file a lawsuit alleging tampering with Apple’s own platform. Right now, Epic Tech is engaged in a bitter anti-trust litigation with the giant, which is currently on appeal.

Sweeney said in a tweet that it had tested the behavior of iOS 15.4.1, and that Apple Music had replaced its Spotify app and linked to a 2019 tweet with a similar consumer complaint.

In fact, when an iPhone is first installed, it comes with a set of pre-installed apps, four of which are set up automatically in the dock.

If you do not want to use the default apps like Apple Music, Apple gives users the ability to delete those apps. The apps are available from the App Store if the user wants to reinstall the app later. Note that apps often try to install on pre-configured locations – especially default apps. Because the Apple Music app is pre-installed in the right-hand dock slot, it will be there no matter what app is installed.

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When attempting to reinstall third-party apps on a previously configured location on the home screen, they will never be installed at the bottom, as these default apps will be locked into the dock via the OS when installed. Instead of trying to push your own app on top of a third party app, it seems to be the result of a programming flaw.

However, if the issue is not resolved quickly, it may draw more attention as it moves into anti-trust laws, which will soon suggest that big tech companies may not prioritize their own products and services on their platforms.

Apple said it was aware of the bug and was investigating.

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