How to strategically win a Grand Steeplechase in Paris?



A Grand Steeplechase de Paris is an event that was created months or years ago. The jockey, the last link in the chain, plays an important role in the ultimate functioning of an entire team. Analysis of the preparations, the condition of the ground, the characteristics of each opponent, of course own mount, the rider should not leave any detail. How does a jockey establish his tactics and approach this big meeting? Response factors.

Jockeys are great athletes. Must be 100% fit 365 days a year. So physical fitness is essential But this is a common factor for a jockey. The big difference on a big date is the psychological side. So preparing for a Grand Steeplechase is more about mental than physical. Mind and strategy have a primitive place. Cyril Gombo, Winner of 2007, we remember the pre-race “You have to work twice as hard. With panic, it’s hard. This is a very demanding course, and a lot of things can happen there. Concentration is at its maximum.”

Dominic VincentThe triple winner, especially the great Cutco’s jockey, was then announced by Equidia’s Consultant before the 2012 edition: “When you are a jockey, you want to upset your opponent who has the best chance of winning. Expect to have 2-3 contestants in such a place on the course, but with 7-8 people left, it bothers you. So the jockey’s experience is paramount in these cases.

Good strategist, Bertrand Lestrade Coincidentally, nothing was left of each of its three titles. For the 2013 edition, he tells us “Our main rivals were Shannon Rock and David Cote. I was focused on the fact that David was going crazy and he desperately wanted to win. I wanted to do the opposite, I had to ride my horse for him. Shannon Rock was. Takes the lead, I’m waiting, I’m waiting, I see myself hitting … when I throw Beautiful lifeHe gave me the impetus of great champions. Hence the importance of studying your case carefully Opponents “. The reigning champion continues to build his third crown in 2021: “I said to Louisa Carberry, ‘I’m not worried about the run in front of the ditch train. I disconnected all preparations and if we are less than 5 from Le Berry in the double hurdle we will win. ⁇


It is difficult to establish a standard strategy, taking into account all the parameters that make up such an event. However, in the last ten years many situations have been repeated many times …

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The wait

In 2012, for his third and final crown, Mid dancer Even the second jump of the river from the stand seemed to hit, and he was patient for a long time. But thanks to his courage, he was able to return to the epic exactly. Holy Storm, In 2014, Vincent Seminad arrived at the last minute to arrange Shannon Rock, which he edited with great restraint. Balloon Doctor, The double-defending champion, always ran last before gradually getting closer. Able to race thunder, his loyal jockey Bertrand Leslot always knows how to maintain his high speed.


2019, Charcoal Always found in the upper third of the peloton. Her jockey, Davy Russell, brought down Isabelle Pacolt’s champion just after the final hurdle for the invention of the Steeplechase in Ottawa. Cariacu tried to stop once in the lead and the English crack jockey knew how to make the most of his mount. TripAnimators Milord Thomas and Perfect Impulse are always behind, and in 2018, came second to crucify in the post. Beautiful lifeHe turned the leaders around before delivering his final blow. Hence the French, The double winner, always took its responsibilities to go one lap, and twice clearly won. After the second river jump, Milord Thomas also took on his favorite role.

Are their points common?

None of these Grand Steeplechase winners put much effort into the course. This means eating a Grand Steeplechase winner, listening to his jockey, and not making mistakes. Guillaume MacaireThe coach who has won six times has often said It’s not the best horse to win An obstacle is the most tiring. “. This proverb is more accurate when there are 6000 meters and 23 obstacles to jump.

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And this year?

Charlie Milliped, an equestrian expert at Equidia, examined the question about the form of this 2022 edition: “There will be a lot of starters on a fast track and heavy heat. Jockeys should not fight to get ahead. I can see Dream Wish Take the exam. Everyone knows he’s a great jumper and he has a lot of grounds. So you do not have to fight him. Will-o’-the-wisp Must be placed in the first. His best performance was when he was a right-handed man who was sometimes able to stay alert in the river. Cell Gem et Nico Haas Take their time. Jax Let’s make a first part and jump closer. Irish are not horses to move forward. In Lord du Messin Be the first three with Fue Folate and Dream Wish. General in Chief We have to wait. “

Charlie Millipid, on the rail ditch and fence, “Judge of the Peace” on the route. The biggest obstacle is to jump about 7 meters after a 5000 meter run …

If Dream Wish decides to go ahead, a heavy task awaits him … Cell Gem, the future favorite, crack-jumper, is very easy to get on a course, and is capable of going to the beautiful end of races. Gex may surprise us once again. Discipline always stores some big surprises for us!

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