UFC – Insane with madness, admits he went to Ireland to defeat a star fighter McGregor!

Conor McGregor show lors du combat face à Nate Diaz

Connor McGregor is the undisputed king of UFC provocation with one of the most memorable punchlines in the history of the sport. But one day, he got angry with a star and traveled to Ireland to “beat him”.

If Conor McGregor has become a UFC legend and democratized the MMA around the world, it’s not only because he’s a great fighter, but also because it’s amazing. Its status as an icon of Combat Sports owes much to the science of infamous provocation, trash talk and promotion. Through his powerful and always-experienced jokes and unforgettable statements, he made his struggles a film not to be missed.

The problem is, when a large part of the audience embraces that message and that entertainment, someone else finds it ridiculous. When he began to lash out at Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russians, and the Muslims, he inevitably made many enemies in the MMA community, including Khamsat Chimev, a new UFC phenomenon. In an interview with journalist Adam Zubair, he admitted that “Wolf” had gone to Ireland to destroy the infamous.

Khamsat Chimev wanted to destroy Connor McGregor in Ireland

I was an amateur fighter at the time, or I had 1 win and 0 losses among professionals. It was then that Connor McGregor began insulting Khabib and Zubair Tukhugov. He also bragged about knocking down a Chechen fighter during a sparring. Although no one knew me yet, my head shook. I live in Sweden, so I wanted to make a trip to Ireland and find and destroy it on the street or in the hall.

When I arrived in Ireland, the authorities arrested me before I could say that I was allowed to move. But when I wanted to get out of the airport, people in uniform stopped me and told me they would not let me into the area. I did not understand, because my English was bad at the time. They took me to the police station and held me for about 8 hours.

They didn’t even open a small inquiry, I was doing push-ups and sit-ups in a cell. A few hours later, I entered the police cell to report that I had to return to Sweden immediately and that a plane was waiting for me at the airport. If I was honest, I really wanted to beat him. I wanted to protect our pride and dignity.

Since arriving at the organization, UFC’s sensation has won only 4 hits in total, 4 of his battles won, proof of a crazy dominance, and in 2018 Khamsat is ready to fight the infamous, ‘He was just an amateur. ! He wanted to protect the honor of the Russians in the MMA and to confront the best in the world at that time. He already had a lot of confidence, the confidence he showed every time he went through the octagon.

If Khamsat Shimev was a monster that everyone fears today, he probably would not have resisted. IOK with one of the best fighters on this planet. Yet he still seemed determined to fight.

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