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The taskbar should provide more personalized content in the future

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The developers of Windows 10 announced some changes in the taskbar in an official official blog post. Users need to get personal information quickly and easily.

How much time do you spend each day keeping up to date on current topics? Windows 10 developer Aaron Woodman addresses this question to users of the operating system in a blog official blog post. Like Woodman, if your answer is “loads”, you can take advantage of the upcoming system tray settings.

News & Interests – Extension of the system tray

Users of Windows 10 can receive personal information quickly and easily, and Microsoft wants to introduce a new “news and interests” feature in the Windows taskbar. The developers show how it works in a short teaser video:

As a result, in the future the taskbar will display an icon informing users about the weather forecast. You can click to open a window showing more details and the latest news and information about sports, traffic or stock prices. Individual articles can also be saved for later reading.

In the taskbar settings, users can customize which elements should appear in the mouseover window. The weather display in the taskbar can also be customized. If you do not want to use this new feature, you can disable the icon completely.

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The new taskbar icon, including a personalized message window, will be delivered to Windows 10 users via the update in the coming weeks. Microsoft writes that they want to make the feature available step by step and that it should be available to all Windows 10 owners in the coming months.

That: Microsoft

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