The Ghostbusters will return to the Rocket League this week

Zionics announced one of their most popular today Rocket League Events will return as Ghostbusters returns content for Haunted Hallows. With the fact that you can dash the map as Ecto-1, the cosmetics of the game for the franchise are back to you. Includes toppers, panels, hubcaps, sidewalks and more. You can read more about this below and read the full details Here, The event runs from October 20 to November 2. Good luck easing all of these items in the next couple of weeks!

Who are you going to call For some Rocket League? Attribution Psyonix.

When the Haunted Hollows go live, your event will be available to complete the challenges. Like Lama-Rama, completing each challenge will unlock a unique Haunted Hallows-themed item like Ghostbusters Wheels, Slimmer Topper, Mood Slim Boost and more! Complete all the challenges of collecting the entire set of Ghostbusters (sorry, no spores, mold or fungus at this time)! Check out the slideshow below to see them all. Plus, you can win Golden Pumpkins from Event Challenges and include items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator series!

This year’s Haunted Hallows comes in two limited time modes: Haunted Heatseeker and Spike Rush. The Haunted Heatseeker is the Heatseeker, but at Spooky’s new Haunted Urban Arena, Spike Rush will take place at night map variants. If you are looking for more scary items for your car, be sure to check the item shop every month. You’ll find items from Ghostbusters, previous Haunted Hallows events, Stay Puff and Reaper Goal Blasts, and Ecto-1! This is the first licensed car to be returned to the item shop, and we would like to bring back previously licensed cars as well.

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