Climate, Will Ireland Underwater? Shock predictions. “2050 km of coastline submerged”

Climate, Will Ireland Underwater?  Shock predictions.  "2050 km of coastline submerged"

Part ofIreland It will end up underwater by 2050 unless drastic measures are taken Climate change. This is what comes out of the interactive map it created Central climate, An American non-profit association specializing in this subject. This map, based on scientific calculations, allows you to imagine the future of the island over the next thirty years. For residents in five counties, the situation is very worrying. In fact, the affected areas are all densely populated: we are talking about Dublin, Clare, Louth, Limerick and Galway, which are the most dangerous areas.

Greenland, melting snow on Tuesday covers northern Italy

In 2050, the coasts sank

The map shows Bull Island, a very delicate habitat that overlooks the island capital. In addition, areas of the island’s southwest province of Munster will be flooded in the next decade: around the Migu River and the Shannon River in Limerick, as well as the towns of Adare, Clarina, Kriegown and Listowell. To the east, even in the province of Leinster, there are areas that are at least partially flooded. These include Dandalk, Haggardstown, Carlingford, Annagasson, Baltrey, Bettistown and Laytown. The same fate awaits Port Marnock, Donabate, Swords, Houth, and Malahide, near Dublin. Consequences affect not only Ireland. Climate change is already causing floods, fires and landslides Across the planet, countries will not stop until they find an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming.

The wave of Hot record Affected in Europe and the United Kingdom in 2019, as well as in Canada and the United States in recent weeks, the Mirror writes, both worsened by global warming. Global warming is causing the rapid melting of glaciers, which is causing ocean water to rise and thus causing uncontrolled rise in sea level.

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The planet’s temperature has already risen by 1.2 degrees Celsius compared to the pre – industrial period. Unless serious action is taken According to scientists, it will reach 2 degrees by 2050, With devastating consequences. More than 30,000 delegates, including heads of state, meteorologists and activists, are expected to address the next COP-26, the highly anticipated climate summit hosted by the United Kingdom in collaboration with Italy. The goal of the summit is to adopt a coordinated action plan to tackle climate change.

The European Union and the South are the most vulnerable to climate change

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