Tavoich says DUP is wrong to use cross-community veto in public health practices

Tavoich says DUP is wrong to use cross-community veto in public health practices

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The senior doctor said healthcare workers had betrayed Stonemont’s “careless” decision not to impose a new lockdown.

The British Medical Association’s Northern Ireland chair said the hospitals were overcrowded. Tom Black warned; Taoist Michel Martin said the situation in Northern Ireland was “very challenging” because systemic pressures were “very important there”.

Circuit breaker restrictions were extended by a week as hospitality resumed next Friday following a political dispute that exposed differences between the parties in the executive.

Dr. Black said: “The national response to a situation like this is that it will bring down the lockdown and make it harder, yet politicians have decided to ease restrictions and open up society within the next two weeks.

“That decision was incompetent and careless, telling health care workers‘ we are leaving you ’.

“If health workers thought they had been deceived by the executive, I think it would be fair.”

DUP ‘invalid’ to use veto

“The challenge is to help the corona virus in northern Ireland fight the pandemic,” Taoist Michel Martin told RTE News at One.

There are different political parties around the executive. They are different in this. Their Chief Medical Officer Out liaises with the Chief Medical Officer – and liaises with the UK Medical System. So, from travel, we have these different perspectives.

He said the DUP, which uses a cross-community veto to prevent the extension of the Kovid-19 restrictions, was “wrong.”

You cannot use a cross-community veto in the context of a public health initiative. It was never designed, and when I saw it I was very disappointed… Public Health had to overcome it.

Taoich said they were happy to continue with their restrictions because “their numbers are alarming” and “have a spillover effect.”

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He cited an example of how effective North-South cooperation was, which was an ana mal formal arrangement: “Once we got Donegal, Strauben and Derry at the same wavelength, the Republic – it was good because of the ana mal formal activities with the North and the system. ”

Alliance and Sinn F‌in respond

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland, Alliance party leader Naomi Long said the tactics were “shameful and shameful” and denied the use of cross – community veto DUP to prevent the two – week extension of restrictions.

“Not everyone can see the extent to which the real purpose of that protection is being distorted,” she said.

Synfen leader Mary Lou MacDonald later echoed comments made with Claire Byron in RTE Today.

“The use of the DUP of a cross-community vote and the veto that Naomi refers to is shameful and insulting. The idea that the DUP can help change our public health and keep us all safe and that we need to do the right thing for all in the most difficult situations, that they can turn it orange and green, that is the problem against us, is really shocking, ”she said.

During the week from October 31 to November 6, there were 78 deaths, including Kovid – 19, bringing the total to 1,141, according to official official figures.

On Thursday, at 11 a.m., the executive signed an agreement to end the barrier to exiting the current corona virus circuit breaker.

Liquor-licensed hair salons and beauty salons, such as cafes and coffee shops, can reopen next Friday, with hours limited to 8 p.m.

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Driving lessons can only be resumed by appointment.

Shutters can be raised on November 27 for restaurants, pubs and hotels.

From November 20, pubs and bars will be allowed to sell sealed sales.

Said Janice Gault, chief executive of the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF).

Turnover is projected to fall to less than a third of 2019, with sales of $ 70 million lost over the next six weeks.

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She added: “From a hotel standpoint, the past week has been a frustrating month.

“At the beginning of the process, the air of despair replaced disbelief and misery.”

Sinn Fin voted against the successful proposal because it contradicted the guidance of Stonemont’s medical and scientific advisers to extend the circuit break completely for two weeks.

This was more than the list of ministers as the ministers faced public criticism about the delay.

The DUP, the Ulster Unionists and the Alliance Party voted in favor of the key proposals.

– Reporting by Renon Duffy and Grinne Na Adha

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