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Microsoft recently released Windows 11. This latest version of Windows has an intuitive design feature that makes multi-tasking much easier. Users can now easily find apps, games, and movies in the new Microsoft Store. The new Windows 11 will give users a unique experience in all areas of work, study and entertainment.

“We’re seen a drastic change in the way we use computers,” said Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer. Earlier computers were used for work purposes and as part of practical work, now the use of computers is also involved in personal life and emotions. This inspired us to build the next generation of Windows, the platform of faith for millions of people. With Windows 11, we want to create a platform where everyone can create, learn and connect in the best possible way. ”

Windows 11 will be available on newer computers later this year. Additionally, on computers running Windows 10, Windows 11 will be upgraded for free.

Faster and more secure OS to speed up work

Windows 11 has a new and simpler interface and smoother features that make it easier for users to do things and promote their creativity. Users can easily find what they want by clicking the Start button in the center of the screen. The Start button uses the cloud and Microsoft 365, which shows users the latest files used on various devices and platforms. This allows users to easily find the latest documents running on other Android or iOS computers.

Features like Windows 11’s Snap Layout, Snap Group and Desktop will help you make the best use of Windows. Additionally, users can make the most of screen real estate (space on the display to provide an output output of an application). The ability to use multiple windows at the same time on a computer screen and the ability to work smoothly with multiple applications. With Desktop, users can customize the space for anything, including work, gaming or school, and modify it to suit their needs.

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Widgets allow users to find the information they need. It shows news feeds selected according to user preferences using AI technology. The browsing experience in the updated Windows Microsoft Edge browser will be further enhanced. Widgets will launch new real estate to provide personalized content to creators and publishers.

Windows 11 is designed to provide a secure operating system for hybrid tasks (a combination of online and offline work) and learning. It has built-in security technology and Zero Trust-ready operating system for using a variety of tools and keeping data safe.

Better experience in gaming, entertainment, and relationships

Windows 11 comes with the all-new Microsoft Store. It has a large category of first and third party applications. For the first time ever, Android apps will be available in the Microsoft Store. Users can download them through the Amazon App Store. This great thing was made possible by the partnership between Microsoft and Amazon.

Like Windows 10, Microsoft has ensured that the app is compatible with Windows 11 through App Assurance. Application Assurer solves 150 or more application issues at no extra cost.

Windows 11 will reveal the full potential of system hardware; As a result, some recent gaming technologies will support Windows. Windows 11 will give users a better gaming experience with the following features:

* Direct X12 Ultimate: Here users will experience better graphics at higher frame rates.

* Direct storage – loading time is fast and you can enjoy the game world well.

* Match over a hundred high quality PC games and the opportunity to play new games that are available for PC Xbox Game Pass or Ultimate buyers.

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Integrating Microsoft teams with Windows 11 into the taskbar allows users to quickly connect with their loved ones. It lets you instantly communicate with your loved ones via Windows, Android or iOS anywhere in the world via text, chat, voice and video. Friends and family who do not use the Teams app can be contacted via two-way SMS. Users can present or mute teams directly from the taskbar.

Creates a more open environment for creators and developers

Microsoft has opened the door to new possibilities by creating a more open ecosystem for creators and developers through Windows 11. It allows developers to create more apps, games, movies, TV shows, and web content for users. Where:

* Developers and the Free Software Vendors app (ISVS) can bring their applications to the Microsoft Store. In this case, Win32 or the Progressive Web App (PWA) framework will not connect.

* As a result of a change in Microsoft’s revenue share policy, developers will receive 100% of their business revenue. Application developers can still use Microsoft’s Commercial Ecosystem 65/15 revenue share.

Learn more about the features of Windows 11 Here Visit.

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