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There are many types of claims about aliens. Sometimes it claims to have seen UFOs and sometimes it claims to have seen aliens. A new research not only claims the existence of aliens, but also says that aliens have been watching us for five thousand years and listening to our old radio shows.

This claim was made in a study conducted by Cornell University in New York on the existence of aliens. Professor Lisa Caltenager, who is associated with the university, said she did the research to identify the planets that can see Earth. At the same time, there was an attempt to find out where life was possible. In fact, scientists have discovered at least 29 planets that can observe Earth since the time of Pharaoh. In this series, researchers have prepared a map of such solar systems in the universe where extraterrestrial life may have lived, and they, like us, would observe the Earth using telescope techniques. Research has also found such planets 45 light-years away from Earth. Some of them are Earth-sized planets full of rocks and water. Four of these are habitable planets with equilibrium temperatures, and aliens are likely to live on these planets.

Scientists say there are a total of 2,034 stars in 326 light-years from our Earth. Some of them may also have received radio signals. This suggests that our radio shows are also being watched by aliens. Based on scientific research, researchers say that even in the future, aliens will be able to pay attention to our planet. It is also noteworthy that in this episode, over the next 5,000 years, people living on 319 planets will have the opportunity to gain a first-hand view of our world through transit technology. All this information is available because of the data received from Gaya. Scientists are conducting research based on data from the European Space Agency’s Gia satellite. He is a co-author of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Jackie Fahrty said, “Gia has given us an accurate map of the Milky Way, which gives us the opportunity to look back and forth at the right time, to see where the stars and planets are and where they are going, to see if life is possible there. These are very close, and the sounds of our 75 radio stations could be heard there, which began broadcasting over a century ago.

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