Index – Science – Nature: New omicron-specific vaccines are far from supershields

Index - Science - Nature: New omicron-specific vaccines are far from supershields

As previously reported, people living abroad and in the UK will be the first to have access to the modified vaccine, which has already been developed to protect against the new Omicron variant by major vaccine manufacturers.

These are built in hopes of providing more significant protection than previous products. The updated booster shots, according to one analysis, provide protection equivalent to an extra dose of the old vaccine — writing reporting in Nature.

It’s not some kind of super shield against the virus that we didn’t have two weeks or a month ago.

— John Moore, a vaccine researcher at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, said he was not involved in the preparation of the study, which was published Aug. 26 on the medRxiv preprint server.

As before We have already discussed in our article, experts didn’t consider it important to put the new vaccine to trial because, like annual flu shots, the vaccine is only updated here. However, according to Moore, it would not have hurt to conduct some tests before the American and British authorities approved the preparation, after which the effectiveness of the new vaccine would have turned out to be no greater than the old one.

Efficacy studies have been conducted

Large-scale efficacy studies have shown that the first generation of coronavirus vaccines have been able to reduce the risk of contracting the disease by more than 90 percent. However, these placebo-controlled clinical trials may no longer be appropriate or ethical in 2022.

Instead, modified vaccines were tested in small groups, where participants’ immune responses were primarily monitored and the number of neutralizing antibodies measured and compared to the original vaccine.

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Based on most experiments, it can be stated that the most updated vaccines in this field – they are not only omicron-specific, but also protect against, for example, the beta variant. performed better than the original vaccines. According to Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna, we can clearly talk about a better booster vaccine in this situation.

A team led by Deborah Cromer, a mathematical modeler at the University of South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, compiled all available updated vaccine trial results and studies of the fourth dose to arrive at results similar to Moderna’s. The real vaccine.

Based on the results, both vaccines contained a surprising amount of antibodies, but the updated version had approx

Achieved antibody levels that were one and a half times higher than older vaccines.

The number of hospitalizations will decrease

The results show that high levels of neutralizing antibodies can provide strong protection against the coronavirus, but it’s not clear how strong.

To determine this, Cromer’s team used a model that linked the effectiveness of actual coronavirus vaccines to antibody levels. The model found that the greatest benefit of updated vaccines came from additional vaccine.

In a population where nearly half of the population is already protected from symptomatic coronavirus infection due to previous vaccines and infections, there

The revised vaccine provided up to 90 percent protection, compared to 86 percent effectiveness of the original vaccine.

At the population level, updated vaccines make sense. Cromer’s team estimates that a booster campaign based on updated vaccines would result in an average of eight fewer hospitalizations per 1,000 people than one based on older vaccines, reducing the burden on healthcare workers.

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