PS Management subscribes to LFI’s recommendations for Assembly elections

PS Management subscribes to LFI's recommendations for Assembly elections

Increase the minimum wage to 1, 1,400 per month, retirement at 60, environmental planning, VIE The Republic, however, has no respect “Some rules” European: In a document released on Friday, April 29, the leadership of the Socialist Party subscribed to the proposals of La France Inzuimis’ program aimed at reaching an agreement in the Assembly elections.

In this four-page text, the Socialists, who began their discussion with the LFI on Wednesday, present their presentation “Answers” To “Twelve Signs” Jean-Luc discussed Mellonchon’s training and gave further suggestions “Loyal to our fundamentals and priorities, appreciating alliances and not hiding differences.”They write.

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NKM is considering a comeback, PS on the verge of extinction … behind the curtain of the presidential election

About “Non-compliance with European treaties”The socialists themselves say what LFI wants “Deeply linked to European construction”Etc. “Refuses to jeopardize Europe’s construction”.

Only a few days left to find a deal

But they believe it “Implementing the program we build will inevitably lead to tensions and conflicts, and some rules will not be obeyed.”. “We will not be the first or the last to do so in France and Europe.”They justify and refer “The liberal pace of European construction requires a break, for a new project in the service of environmental and social transformation”.

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“For example, we oppose the reversal of the Stability Treaty.They continue.

The Socialists reaffirm that “The need for full and full support for the Ukrainian nation, its independence and sovereignty in the face of the invasion of Vladimir Putin”. About “Right to retire at age 60”Until then, PS was not financially convinced “The first step, including taking into account long-term careers and hard work”. That also validates “Repeal of the Unemployment Insurance Reform and the reactionary provisions introduced by the El Khomri Act in the Labor Code [de 2016, sous François Hollande, NDLR] Macron’s orders “Signed in 2017.

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“It’s not moving fast enough”: Despite the controversy, the debate on the Assembly elections is “trampling” the Left.

A few days before the deadline to find a historic deal with LFI, PS stresses that The shared program, based on the real search for reconciliation, must be a guarantee of a genuine desire to rule this country together in the service of the working class and middle class.And more “Not intended to destroy each other’s political identity and history.”.

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