Borgosia – Six students from the Ferrari Institute fly to Cork

Borgosia - Six students from the Ferrari Institute fly to Cork

Between April 19th and 23rd You are students Lycio G. of Borgosia. After being selected in a competition organized by Ferrari’s European Giovanni Parliamentary Association, they participated in the European initiative.European Youth Parliament”, Especially in Ireland, the 25th session held in the city Cork.

They participated in the project Fabio May, Georgia Rongarolo (3SB), Giulia Vitali, Dennis Serbini (4A), Michelle Reggae E Leonardo Tambourine (4SB), selected only from 61 Italian institutions. The pre-election in December 2021 included the drafting of a resolution to be submitted to the European Parliament to resolve the Afghan situation following the Taliban’s revival of Kabul.

During the Irish session, students will be divided into ten working groups, each of whom will be given suggestions on a number of topics, including feminism, circular economics, and artificial intelligence, and will be presented in imitation of a session of the European Parliament. UCC (University College Cork).

The students had a really good experience Georgia Remember: “It was an experience that pleasantly surprised me and I never expected to live. Although it did not last long, it taught me a lot, especially how to live and see life. During those six days I questioned myself and made friends with many of the boys I still carry in my heart and I still feel. Although a bit shady, I loved Ireland a lot and would still stay there today.! “.

His classmate Fabio He claims: “It was an experience shaped from many perspectives, first and foremost by language. Although slightly different from the Italian model, it is valuable to be able to meet people from a cultural model. Looking back, I know I will remember this experience as a great opportunity to grow, and I will never forget it”.

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GiuliaFrom 4A he says: “It was just an unforgettable adventure! Having the opportunity to work with a native speaker definitely gave my English a boost. Entertainment is guaranteed as you build new friendships and explore a beautiful country! “.

His classmate Dennis Reports: “It was an uplifting experience: I had to get out of my comfort zone a lot and come into contact with realities other than where I lived. Highly recommended: everything is beautiful when taken from the right perspective. ”

as well as MichelleThe guy in the 4SB class says: “I’m definitely coming back from Ireland with a baggage full of new friendships, experiences and perspectives; In fact, it was an opportunity to interact with others on very important issues from very different contexts from our own.. ”.

Finally, back to 4SB, Leonardo Reports: “An unexpected email inviting us to the session arrived in February and surprised us. There were a lot of emotions before we left for Ireland, and once we got back to Italy, we realized how many fond memories we have left and how many skills we have assimilated, first and foremost the great progress we have made with regard to the English language.”.

Fabio May, Georgia Rongarolo (3SB)

Giulia Vitali, Dennis Serbini (4A)

Michelle Reggae E Leonardo Tambourine (4SB)

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