Prince Charles News: Former Royal Butler Claims Wales Prince Hides Double Life From Diana | Royal | News

Prince Charles News: Former Royal Butler Claims Wales Prince Hides Double Life From Diana |  Royal |  News

Paul Burrell, Princess of Wales and Princess Butler, says Princess Diana is worried about where Prince Charles was at the time of their separation. During an episode of ITV’s The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess last night, a former royal official alleged that Prince Charles had a different lifestyle when he was not together at the Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

He said he would call Princess Diana, who lives mainly at Kensington Palace, throughout the week to ask where Prince Charles is.

However, Barrell claims to have advised the Princess of Wales to talk to Prince Charles himself.

He said: “During the week the princess called me and asked, ‘Where is Prince Charles?’ I would say ‘I can’t really tell, you have to ask him.’ “

The former royal butler added that the Highgrow had “two very different lives” – the royal family of Charles and Diana at the time.

A royal official said that Princess Diana was “constantly lying” and that she had “every right to go crazy.”

The documentary also focuses on the 1995 interview with the BBC journalist Martin Bashir by the Princess of Wales.

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BBC Director General Tim Davy said: “The BBC takes this very seriously and we want to get into the truth.

We are ready to deploy a strong and independent inquiry. ”

The full terms of the BBC’s inquiry will be announced in the coming days.

The BBC claimed that Bashir could not answer the questions right now as per the doctors’ instructions.

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Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, had previously told the BBC.

He tweeted that the Broadcasting Corporation was not capable of honestly confronting the ugly truth of the matter.

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