On the 23rd California joins the horse paradise

On the 23rd California joins the horse paradise

As he was about to start his eighth breeding season, he left the very famous “FR” stallion on the other side of the channel, at a board ‌smill studio in Ireland, California. Carriaco’s father, the Blue Dragon, to name a few in France, and Clarkam and Silas Emery of Ireland also leave behind many successors.

California, filmed in 2020 on our Irish Stallion Trial

last year, Caliphate (Freedom Cry) It was the first meeting held on Irish soil when we started Irish Stallion Trial. At the age of 22, he continued his Olympic form of being proud of his descendants Cariaco Grant Steeplechase de Paris, gr. 1. After winning Haras du Cheen Wert, at David, Ann-Sophie Bernier, Caliphate Joined Ireland in 2014 Board‌smill stud, The grandfather of the current owner of the stud, an “institution” founded in 1935 by the colossal and very sympathetic. John Flood. Since 2014, Caliphate Over a hundred covers in a season. Unfortunately, this year, our Irish friends will have to do without his services.

The story of Caliphate His whole life came to an end through the Celtic stages. After being born in a small corner of Brittany, at Denise Millin, at Canihual, Breeder, et al Color, MotherEmerald Kersa (Last winner of the Grand Cross de Corle, not far from Canihull), son of Caliphate Call for Freedom Acquired Guy Charl, And Breton. He started third in San Sebastian under the control of the Spanish coach Miguel Alonso Gomez, Signing his first victory (from the third shooting) at the Mont-de-Merson Racecourse. Franോois-Xavier Bertras. Unconditionally, he was led to the listed Grand Criterium de Bordeaux, where he finished sixth. He then competed for the Pris des Sablonets and Listed Nantes and finished second, joining the workplace. Guy Charl, He was soon successful in Mysons-Lafayette. Chad Dene, Gr. This level., Especially the most beautiful French Gree. 1, Prix d l rc de Triomphe, allowing its sale Godolphin. After 2 major defeats in Dubai, Guy Charl Heals the horse and begins his stallion career Haras du Cheen Wert, at Ann-Sophie and David Bernier.

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Kariaka ou © aprh, one of California’s greatest successes

Caliphate Began to break with two flat foils: Lord of the Temple (Listed in Dowville when he was 2 years old, winner of 3 lists in Duteville) SoromioWinner of the 2010 Prix de la Jonchare (Gr. 3) Cyric Dyard Before selling in Hong Kong. After that Caliphate Shined with its barrier products. Let us quote Chris William, Sway, Yasava, Analyze, Momita Haas, Says again, Solve. Two gr. After 1 win Blue dragon In 2015, Caliphate a Released With two new winners at the top level Adrian du Pont And at the beginning of the year Cariaco. In Ireland, Clarkam And Silas Emery, Are its worthy representatives.

John Flood, owner of Board ‌smil Stud

Tonight, John Flood Many Irish breeders cry Caliphate. He goes Kalanisi, The word of the poet And Court Cave, Alone, in the stallion yard Board‌smill stud, Under the view of the bell tower of the church adjoining the Stud Farm.

Farewell Champion!

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