New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – Challenges Awaiting Liberation

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak - Challenges Awaiting Liberation
Restoring the economy, reassuring the British, continuing support for Ukraine, quelling the desire for independence: Rishi Sunak hasn’t even started to have his work cut out for him yet.

It may be a while before Rishi Sunak settles comfortably into 10 Downing Street. There was already an emergency in September Liz Truss didn’t help the situation. Its first concern is for the economy to regain a semblance of calm as real wages fall, with inflation reaching 10.1% year-on-year in September. He was appointed finance minister last week, as announced by one of his allies, Jeremy Hunt. “Difficult Decisions” Action should be taken quickly in this regard “Taxes and Expenditures”. Budget announcements are scheduled for October 31, and Sunak will have to answer the question Liz Truss has tried to avoid: Should the social minimum be increased at the risk of increasing the state’s debt due to inflation? When legislation is enacted to help citizens cope with rising living costs, markets need to demonstrate that it is capable of restoring a certain political stability. Energy bills And mortgage loans that will soon explode.

Another burning issue: Northern Ireland. The political life of the province is still blocked, Without an executive or an assembly. However, if local representatives are not seated before midnight on Friday, October 28, assembly elections will have to be held in mid-December. The final elections in May left Sinn Féin republican and pro-reunification The first party in the region – A position that can be strengthened in the event of a new vote. Rishi Sunak, who is pro-Brexit, will benefit from the easing of recent negotiations with Europe and Ireland. During his campaign this summer, he advocated a peaceful and reasonable approach to finding a diplomatic solution with Brussels. However, he supports the Northern Ireland Bill, which would allow the UK governmentOverride its obligations to the EUAs provided for in the financial agreement signed at the end of 2020.

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Internationally, it is necessary to reiterate support for Ukraine, while Russia targets civilian infrastructure and cities, intensifying the risk of nuclear escalation. The UK is one of Ukraine’s strongest supporters, and Sunak promised in July to make his first trip as prime minister to Kyiv. Politically, both the right and the left of the party will have to be asserted and rewarded. Lis Truss has chosen to appoint only loyalists, so the composition of the new government will be a delicate exercise in diplomacy. Despite this, the internal situation has not improved since early autumn: this week, Liverpool dockers, telecommunications workers and postal workers are on strike, and paramedics, nurses and teachers are considering joining them.

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